Water, water everywhere

When the Mitchell Aquatics Club assembled its temporary pool recently, I don’t think club members knew just how temporary that pool would be. As you can read in today’s Daily Republic, the pool collapsed and drained yesterday.

The part of our coverage that’s undoubtedly generating the most discussion today is the following quote from MAC coach Chuck Baechler:

"The hard thing is we filled a perfectly good swimming pool with cement."

As the news story goes on to say, Baechler was talking about the MAC’s former home at the Mitchell Middle School, where a pool was closed and filled last summer.

18 thoughts on “Water, water everywhere

  1. The Mitchell Aquatic Club is a dedicated group of some of Mitchell’s finest young people. Their main goal in life is to excel in a sport that they are commited too.
    If you’d like to help these kids out go to their website http://www.macswimming.com
    Make a difference in some young lifes!

  2. How are the businesses next door doing? If there are damages, will insurance cover their losses?

  3. “We The People” didn’t fill the middle school pool with cement – “We The People” weren’t allowed to vote on the pool closure issue. “School Board Members” allowed “Supt Graves” to close the pool without ever approving a board resolution that specifically stated “Close The MMS Pool and Convert It To An Alternative Use Gymnasium”. The taxpayers should demand that Graves reimburse the District for having done so and resign.

  4. The ARGUS LEADER has more comments posted than the Daily Republic has about this dangerous pool situation. It appears that the Mitchell School District contributed public funds for this misadventure. Who is liable for what? Get real!

  5. I haven’t read the Argus yet, but we’ve reported on numerous occasions that both the city and the school contributed money for the temporary pool.

    Without looking back at the clips, I believe it was $30,000 from the city and $18,000 from the school.

  6. Funny, The city and school need to stop giving these people money! The city needs to fix some roads around town before they think about giving money out for swimming pools!

  7. Thanks, Seth, for the dollars information on the school district and the city contributions. “Documented Facts” has it right when he said Supt. Graves actually closed the pool, only with his direct orders, and by doing so shares in the responsibility for the bad situation for the swimmers. Maybe he should “get out his checkbook”.

  8. They filled in the pool for a gymnastics practice room, and now they are talking about cutting gymnastics also. Also, I don’t think alot of people realize it, but the swim team contributed to keeping the pool open for about the last 8-10 yrs. It was not used for free. The cost for upkeep was split among those groups that used the pool. I also find it ironic that right after the news on Sunday night, SDSU had a 1/2 hr program and high lighted the swimming and diving program. Two of the four interviewed are former MAC club members. I also feel for the scrapbook business. I’m sure it is heartbreaking for them as it is for the swim team.

  9. I can’t believe that the scrapbook store owners are “livid” over this ordeal! You have a team of excellent individuals that are excelling at a sport they love. Their pool was filled in last year and they are making do with what they have available.
    This is the FIRST time that this type of pool has EVER broke. I hope everyone comes out ok but to be livid over the pool is ridiculous! Things happen everyday and that’s just part of owning a business and it’s what insurance is for!

  10. I don’t blame them for being livid. That pool did not belong in a RETAIL Mall. GO MAC, where is your proof that these pools have never broke? I find that hard to believe.

  11. Quoted from keloland “”This isn’t something we did in a haphazardly fashion. I’ve got videotapes of them hitting the pool with sledgehammers and they stay,” Baechler said. “This is the first failure that the manufacturer’s experienced.”

  12. I for one am sorry. I am sorry the school pool was removed. I am sorry the temporary pool broke/leaked. I am sorry the neighboring business suffered a loss.
    Am I the only one left in America that cares about the suffering of others?

  13. I too feel bad for everyone, but I don’t understand the deep anger that the scrapbook owners have. Yes, I cant imagine the mess, time and money loss, but it was a fluke thing. NOBODY wanted this to happen especially the swim club. There has to be other issues with the scrapbook owners than just this. Displaying such anger only makes you look bad..work together over there. Others in the complex aren’t all that angry (yes, I know that you received more damage then then rest)…..Ya never know when you need the help of a neighbor!

  14. washington, DC- Pierre legis.; city hall; school board- some get elected and then get elected again and again- then power sets in they forget where they came from and until we are good and fed up with it all nothing changes. No that darn pool does not belong in a retail mall and Jim the owner is nutts- tough times are with us now and why of all things- we’ve added another sport to the roster soccer- who pays for all of this? I come from a working class family having attended MHS and most of us low-income families didn’t sport or go to the rec center or work-out places. We worked out by working hard physical labor jobs- not sitting at computers either. Joe Graves has served the Mitchell district well but many of us feel it is time he moves on to another district- time to clean house in the school board too.

  15. What these arm chair sports fans forget, ‘never fail’, is the benefit of all types of endeavors. Sports, work, volunteering, they all teach cooperation, listening skills, communication, appreciation for others. The list goes on. MAC and Jim B. are not wrong, neither are you. Life happens.
    Thanks should go out to Jim for helping the MAC continue their activities.

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