Should the Postal Service end Saturday delivery?

An Associated Press story in today’s Daily Republic details the Postal Service’s plan to drop Saturday delivery in the face of a potential $7 billion loss this year.

Personally, I don’t think it will affect my life at all if Saturday delivery is dropped. Maybe it’s more important to others than it is to me.

What’s your opinion?

9 thoughts on “Should the Postal Service end Saturday delivery?

  1. This will hurt those that receive their newspaper by mail.
    I understand the cost factor, but so many depend on their carrier. I know several that are watched out for by their carrier. The elderly is just one group.

  2. Just do it and get it over with. It is the one of the easier sacrifices we will have to make to cut deficit spending. Electronic mail is the future anyway.

  3. Makes you wonder why we would want the government to run our health care doesn’t it? Just like they are doing with the Dr. fix on the jobs bill, the 10 day hold on Medicare benefits, now passed until March 31st. I suppose as benefits run down and out they will just suspend health care on
    Saturdays and Sundays to save money.

  4. I would not miss the Saturday delivery at all. The only thing I receive in the mail anymore is catalogs, junk mail and a few bills (most my bill statements are paperless)and I can wait to get all that on Monday. I can see why the USPS needs to cut back. A book of 20 stamps lasts me most the year now. I communicate through email and pay all my bills on-line for free. At work everything is done through email as well. I can’t remember the last time I mailed something besides Christmas cards.

  5. man with your anti-government bias maybe we should shut down the whole thing> hey facts of life- internet costs nothing except the hook-up monthly fee why not use it- the market drives the demand and the postal service has done a good job throughout the years- don’t knock them- those carriers work thru all kinds of weather conditions- even a lousy winter like what we just had- maybe you should go out and deliver the mail??? Maybe you have no gratitude??

  6. I appreciate my mail carrier. I send out enormous amounts of birthday cards, cards for different holidays, pen-pal letters and much more. It is nothing for me to use a roll (100 stamps) in two weeks! I do use the internet to pay some bills. It is always nice to receive a hand written thank-you card for a gift or job well done. That isn’t possible without the USPS! Please keep Saturday deliveries, for us folks who enjoy our mail!

  7. I can’t think of one good thing that comes in the mail anymore. Lets see. Tax bill, draft notice, water bill, electric (utility bill), junk mail, sweepstake crap, magazines. It is not that I don’t believe in government nor do I believe that a lot of good people have jobs within the postal service, it is just that the same people would be better of in a for profit company subjuct to the same environmental factors the free market supplies. UPS, Fed Ex all seem to do fine. I am sure federal employees could do well under that system. They seem to be able to do deliveries cheaper, faster, are more reliable and pay taxes instead of using taxes. There was a time when being a postal worker (pony express) was more of a military job. We have come a long way since then and ‘through rain or shine’ has a whole new meaning. People do their jobs in all kinds of conditions and receive very little thanks in jobs far more dangerous and unpredictable than delivering mail and receive no or little thanks. Why is it that SOME government employees like the one from Pierre that feels unapreciated for not getting a raise for two years in a row that wrote the article in the Argus Leader last week. I am sure all the employees from Mitchell that have lost their jobs would be happy to still have one. For those postal workers that bust their butts to do their jobs and everyone else that gets up every morning and goes to work, I thank you and my hat is off to you. For those sucking off the public teet with no intention of pulling the wagon, you have the write to move to another country.

  8. boy are you mixed up buddy- pony express had nothing to do with the military. Period. You are not greatful for anything in this life- go get one!!

  9. looks like the previous post of navy dude is a bit heavy man- just what are you trying to say anyway? remember you can attract a lot more insects with honey than vinegar- sound familiar mr folk lore? I suggest you take that anger over to Dakota counseling on West Havens street and get that head of your checked out before you go off on somebody that doesn’t need another public display of affection of your type.

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