Could this ‘bee’ the solution to Lake Mitchell’s algae problem?

The Lake Mitchell Advisory Committee is scheduled to hear a presentation from the makers of the SolarBee at 4 p.m. Wednesday in the Council Chambers at City Hall. The SolarBee is a water circulator that is supposed to be very effective in reducing algae.

Here’s an excerpt from the portion of the SolarBee Web site that explains the product’s benefits in regard to algae:

The combination of horizontal and vertical mixing sufficiently disrupts the cyanobacteria’s preferred quiescent habitat, negating their competitive advantage over beneficial algae and preventing unwanted blooms, even in nutrient-rich waters such as secondary wastewater effluent and storm water drainage. These benefits of enhanced circulation have been well documented in the scientific literature for many decades, and there is no controversy within the limnological community. For a more detailed discussion, please see the SolarBee White Paper titled: Paradigm shift for blue-green algae control through long-distance circulation: Empirical experience with SolarBee® circulation since 2000.

I plan to cover the meeting, which will be the second SolarBee presentation for me. You can click here to see a story from a SolarBee presentation that I covered in 2007 (no action resulted from the 2007 meeting; if I recall correctly, city officials decided they wanted to be cautious and watch some other lakes to see how various algae-reducing methods were working before doing anything further after Mitchell’s aluminum sulfate experiment).

6 thoughts on “Could this ‘bee’ the solution to Lake Mitchell’s algae problem?

  1. It was a dumb idea then and still is now. As much recreational use as that lake gets we do not need navigation hazards added to the mix. Keep working on upstream cleanup!

  2. minnesota lakes have pumpp’s to circulate the water -maybe we should ban motorized boats on the lake because they cause pollution !!

  3. What Minnesota lakes have pumps? Maybe aerators to prevent freeze out or aerators for sewage ponds. Some of the cleanest lakes in Minnesota have the most boating. Mille Lacs, Vermillion, Minnetonka, Leech, Rainy and more. You can see bottom in 10, 15 or 20 feet of water. Banning motorized boating on our lake would cut property values. BIG mistake!

  4. Not for everyone, Hennepin. Not for everyone. Some like natural, pristine, quiet. Not everyone is into noise and speed.

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