Reaction to Herseth Sandlin’s Pelosi comments

Last week, I wrote a story about comments that Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin made in response to a question about her relationship with Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Specifically, I was intrigued by one extended comment, which I quoted in the story:

“I would describe our relationship as, uh … uh …” Herseth Sandlin said, before emitting what sounded like a half-laugh, half-sigh and finally breaking an 11-second interlude with this: “… one in which she has, uh, I think she would respect, uh, my decision-making process and, uh, one in which she probably acknowledges that I have some disappointment on how this process has unfolded.”

The comment was made during a regularly scheduled conference call with reporters. As far as I’ve seen, I was the only one of the dozen or more reporters on the call who wrote about the Pelosi comments. That surprised me, given that the comments stood out so glaringly from what otherwise was a pretty routine call.

Rapid City Journal reporter Kevin Woster, who asked the question about Pelosi, has now weighed in on the comment with a post on the Journal’s Mount Blogmore. Here’s an excerpt:

Let me translate: She’s frustrated with Pelosi and a health reform process in the House that locked out those who tried to modify – or moderate – it and those who represented concerns in their home states, such as South Dakota.

Click here to see the rest of Woster’s post.

Additionally, the Blake Curd campaign has made a new video using the audio from Herseth Sandlin’s Pelosi comments. You can view that video below.

8 thoughts on “Reaction to Herseth Sandlin’s Pelosi comments

  1. That’s a pretty powerful ad-I can see why Chris Nelson and the other republicans are doing fairly well against her in the polls.

  2. My mother always said “if you can’t say anything nice about a speaker, don’t say anything at all”

  3. It was very interesting to see how another paper handled blogs. There were several things that did impress me. 1: was the fact that writers actually signed their names. 2: a person did not have to sign their name. 3: rather than have the blog wait for “approval” Kevin Woster posted his reply. 4: some good ideas were clarified rather than never to have seen “the light of day”. 5: the usage of the video made the point much clearer.

    Perhaps the DR could have ST blog back to each blog rather than censor and kill. Some clearer positions could emerge. Reading today’s DR the comments made by Supt. Graves about gymnastics being reduced and cancelled, were shown to somewhat short of being entirely facttual. The persons who have met with Graves have brought real facts and truths that Graves either did not understand or misrepresented. Blogs can be improved and this example you have just done seems like it offers some real possibilities. Why not try it?

  4. Herseth is causing her own downfall, I am a life long democrat who will vote for a rep. rather than see her get elected again, I would rather have a repub in office than a dem in repub clothing

  5. Reality is that all democrats in sd are more concervative than repubs in almost any other state. In sd the issue is taxes and who pays for them. Steph is a good example of that.

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