How They Voted: Mitchell legislators, March 11-17

Legislators are currently in recess until March 29, when they will return to the Capitol in Pierre to consider the governor’s vetoes.

  Sen. Mike Vehle Rep. Lance Carson Rep. Noel Hamiel
INJURY PAYMENTS (SB 169): The Senate gave final legislative approval, by a 20-15 vote, to a major change in South Dakota law regarding insurance payments to people who have suffered damages. They would be better protected financially under the change, which was opposed by insurance companies. The bill now goes to the governor. No    
CONSTRUCTION TAX REFUNDS (SB 195): The Legislature’s leaders reached an agreement to cut back and eventually shut down South Dakota’s program that has provided millions of dollars in construction-tax refunds for large business projects and agricultural processing plants. The Senate voted 21-14 to accept the final package, and the House gave final passage 53-14. The legislation now goes to the governor, who is expected to sign it into law. Yes Yes Yes
SCHOLARSHIP RULE (HB 1160): Legislators negotiated a compromise that would make the South Dakota Opportunity scholarship available to any student in the state who scores at least 28 on the ACT college-readiness exam. The expansion wouldn’t take effect until 2013, however. The Senate passed the legislation 34-0, and the House passed it 58-10. The bill now goes to the governor. Yes Yes Yes
SCHOOL FUNDING (SB 22): South Dakota’s public school districts won’t receive an inflationary increase next year in their per-student funding from state government and local property taxes, legislators decided. That means base funding per student stays at $4,804.60 instead of $4,862.26. The decision saved state government approximately $4 million and property-tax payers more than $3 million. Senators voted 18-17 for zero increase, and the House did the same, 43-27. Yes Yes Yes