Rozum announces legislative candidacy

In case you missed it in today’s paper:

Tona Rozum, of Mitchell, announced Monday her intention to pursue the state House seat that opened Friday when Rep. Noel Hamiel, R-Mitchell, announced he will not seek re-election.

Rozum, a Republican, former Mitchell City Council member and longtime business owner, said she was approached by friends about running.

"I had it on my bucket list as something I had wanted to do," Rozum said. "It just turned out to be a good time."

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6 thoughts on “Rozum announces legislative candidacy

  1. This is great news! Now Mitchell School Superintendent, Dr. Joe Graves will not be our next legislator. Graves has job enough right here in Mitchell.
    Graves made two previous feeble attempts to add that to his resume.

  2. Not really on topic but real close. If any democrats want to sign Kevin Weiland’s petition to run against Stephany Herseth Sandlin see me or call me. You must be a registered democrat. Voting is what freedom is all about!

  3. she hardly got any friends being on the city council- what is her solution to government growth in Pierre and spending- otherwise she is just another Hamiel?

  4. I was kind of shocked when Noel Hamiel announced he isn’t going to run for re-election. I imagine District 20 would get more of the same with Rozum.

  5. Being in public office is not about making friends, it is about doing the job based on facts. It would be nice if the public would appreciate that. 90% of all people, if given the same facts that those in public office would make the same decisions. It is easy to read the opinions in the daily republic and mistake them as them as fact but that is hardly the case. There just isn’t enough room in the paper or on t.v./radio to get all the information that goes into making decisions.

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