Does this guy have a shot?

From today’s paper:

PIERRE — Rapid City physician Kevin Weiland said Thursday he decided to challenge Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin in a Democratic primary because she voted against the health care overhaul he believes is needed. Weiland told reporters he also is unhappy with Herseth Sandlin’s vote on an energy measure related to climate change and believes special interest groups have too much influence in Washington.

But he said he would not have chosen to challenge Herseth Sandlin for South Dakota’s lone seat in the U.S. House if she had voted for the health care reform bill.

“Americans are tired of politicians who run scared when they have to take unpopular but necessary stands on important issues. Voters are simply tired. I want to change that,” Weiland said.

Weiland needs to collect 1,213 valid signatures by Tuesday to get his name on the ballot for the primary.

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Does this guy have a shot?

17 thoughts on “Does this guy have a shot?

  1. I am not sure any democrat has a shot in this state this year at this time. Obamas true colors have been not just exposed but verified by him. I don’t think sd wants to be like the europeons (spelled correctly). We like to be responsible for ourselves. The swing to the left is more than we can stomach. First the house, then the senate will move to the right. Lets hope the return to power by the republicans is with a sense of humbleness and purpose to restore our country to what it is supposed to be. The ultimate example of freedom and prosperity. A military and economic juggernaut that the world respects and envies. Balance the budget.

  2. If Dr. Kevin Weiland gets his 1213 signatures by next Tuesday then Rep Herseth-Sandlin will hear from the voters of SD. It appears that she was never in favor of this once in a lifetime chance to do something for health improvement.

    If you want to sign a petition stop by my home today or Saturday and sign yourself. My address is 1424 S Miller ( 5 blocks south of old Methodist Hospital) phone 996-8721

    People that sign only ask the Representative to listen to voters and explain what she could have done instead of just saying NO!

  3. Have a shot? Of course. Getting 1,213 signatures? Doable. Getting the nomination? Long shot, it would seem, but a shot. Getting elected to the House? A lot can happen and probably will before the general election. Right now, I’m not placing any bets on the ultimate outcome, much less who the race will be between.

  4. [Wait: First fake-namer calls for “humbleness”, then advpcates the arrogant exceptionalist vision of America as the ultimate hegemon? Does anyone else see the contradiction there?]

    If Weiland can round up 1200+ signatures and get on the ballot in just a week, he’ll send a clear message that he has a shot at beating SHS, thanks to a lot of fired up Democrats. Beyond the primary, it depends on his ability to keep those Dems fired up and articulate the issues that matter to South Dakotans better than Republicans who ape the antics of their doom-crying McCarthyites in D.C.

  5. I have 32 signatures here in the Mitchell area now with more petitions out there. If anyone else wants to sign just call me Rod Hall at 996-8721 and I will tell you where you can sign.

    In event Rep. Herseth-Sandlin will have a chance to explain why she did not help craft this bill rather than just say NO like ALL the republicans!

  6. Does anyone else see the truth. As ob continues to give to the world, the world takes, and the us gets nothing in return except more threats from a weaker position. I have always voted for Stephanie contrary to caheid may think. It is not about rep vs. democrats anymore. It is about truth vs. myth. Open your eyes and see the truth. Spending money we don’t have must mean cuts somewhere. Stop spending our kids futures. Rep or Dem military or domestic. At lease Steph is asking for pay as you go. Weiland will simply spend down Herseths war chest and weaken her as she runs against the other side. That is truth. That is what beat the pubs last election. The base couldn’t get behind moderates. We need health care reform but BO care is not it.

  7. In the last three hours we now have 60 some signatures in Mitchell. One lady is driving over 100 miles just to sign. I wonder if anyone else in SD is signing Weiland petitions? You can too all through Monday. Just stop by 1424 S Miller or call 996-8721. Looks like Stephanie will get a lot of chances to debate this time; last few elections she was not to be there!

  8. 67 signatures have been collected, notarized and sent in to Kevin Weiland from Mitchell.

    That is more than 5% from this one little area. I would guess that Weiland’s name is on the ballot.

  9. I have developed another sense than two cents- and that is democracy- let Stephanie suffer for her political blunder- oh yea of little faith- my motto ABS Anybody but Stephanie.

  10. Guess what? I, too, am for democracy. My prediction is SHS will be nominee (safe bet) and win in November (no money wagered, however.) The good doctor, 50-50 on even having the signatures by tomorrow.

  11. Teachable moment for Ms. Herseth Sandlin. Things will settle down & she’ll keep the seat.

  12. Hildebrand. Wieland. Severson. One wonders if this latest maneuver was just political gamesmanship. I doubt if there was a single SD voter who thought Herseth Sandlin would ever sign on to any repeal effort, so I can only infer this was all about spanking SHS and not about a bona fide challenge.
    Not surprised in the least.

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