Is an opt-out the solution to our road woes?

This morning’s Daily Republic included this from the Associated Press:

ABERDEEN (AP) — Residents in Brown County will vote on whether to opt out of the state property tax freeze.

County commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to put the measure on the June 8 primary ballot. The opt-out would raise an additional $850,000 in taxes annually for five years to improve roads.

Commission Chairman Tom Fischbach says if residents don’t like the idea, they can say so with their votes.

But he thinks rural residents who have to drive on poor roads will support the measure.

The opt-out would increase property taxes $36 a year per $100,000 value for nonagricultural property and $30 a year per $100,000 value for farm land.

I chose to call your attention to this because, for as long as I’ve been at The Daily Republic, the Davison County commissioners have been saying they don’t have sufficient revenue to maintain all of their county roads. I’ve always thought they should try an opt-out — not because I think the county should opt out of the state property-tax freeze, but because I think the county should at least explore the option.

If an opt-out fails, it’ll be a few thousand dollars wasted (I think that’s the cost of an election, if done as a standalone; it wouldn’t be that expensive if done in conjunction with another previously scheduled election, like Brown County is doing). If it succeeds, it could secure millions of dollars in new revenue to repair some roads that badly need it.

How do you think an opt-out would be received by the taxpayers in this county?

5 thoughts on “Is an opt-out the solution to our road woes?

  1. from a bunch of tax and spend republicans that can not balace a state budget?

  2. sorry, but supt JOe Graves beat you to that extra tax $700,000 forever for schools and stadiums that do not need to be built during these tuf times.

  3. how come there has been nothing in the paper about last week’s train derailment in Alexandria?

  4. How far will 10 trillion dollars go for the tax and waste obamacare. At least the people paying the taxes are ok with what the money is being spent on. The people getting the benefit from ob care don’t pay taxes. It is always easy to spend money when it is not your own. Great peril will result from the new hellth care plan. If docs opt out, all the insurance in the world wont get you into see your dr. I understand the hospital is already going to money up front for procedures. So much for being a non-profit. Non profits are the reason we are in this mess.

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