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  1. Will the time, date, and location of RI’s funeral be announced in an upcoming DR obit? We heard the cornier had finished his RI autopsy? We heard the official cause of death listed on RI’s death certificate was censorship?

  2. RIP:
    I heard the cause of death was starvation. Hey, Mallard Fillmore and all those right wing syndicated columnists cost money, you know!

  3. Good question: Who is RI? I realize we’re going from inside baseball to inside the blog…

  4. I’ll end the suspense. “RI” is “Republic Insider.”

    I’m guessing some are speculating about its demise because I haven’t written many posts lately. That’s because I was promoted to editor last Thursday, and I’ve been bogged down in all kinds of meetings since then. The blog was moved temporarily to the backburner.

    I’m starting to catch up now.

  5. Ok if we are going off the beaten path I am going to ask. Is there a leash law? To top it off the two black labs and their owner was running from 23rd avenue into the Cemetery…Pets not permitted!

  6. Yes, there is a city leash law. Here it is:

    6-1-3: ANIMALS AT LARGE1:

    A. Running At Large Prohibited: The owner of an animal shall not permit such animal to run at large within the city. Whenever an animal is found running at large, the same shall constitute prima facie evidence that the owner permitted it to run at large.

    Elsewhere in the city code, “at large” is defined this way:

    AT LARGE: An animal shall be deemed to be running at large when off or away from the premises and not under the control of the owner, possessor, keeper, agent, servant or a member of his immediate family by a leash.

  7. Can you please do write up on the a paper regarding this and make sure that a certain member of the City Council gets an extra copy or ten! I hope his office subscribes to the paper as well, perhaps the odds are greater for him Getting the Information! Thanks!

  8. While we are all off topic, can anyone supply an answer to our Quintal Stadium questions:

    (1) Why didn’t demolition work on the stadium start on 1/5/10 and reconstruction work on 4/1/10 as promised last fall?
    (2) Will all MHS & DWU football games be played on the road this fall with homecoming celebrations cancelled due to the construction delays that have already occured?
    (3) What happened to the big yellow crane that was parked by the stadium on Monday (4/5/10) and was no longer at the cite on Tuesday (4/6/10)?

    District leaders’ vehicles were parked to the south of the west middle school entrance on Monday – did district leaders hold a secret meeting at the middle school during the Easter Monday school holiday (4/5/10)?

  9. I signed Eric Christensen’s re-election petition after the board meeting when the 5 members voted to build the new stadium. I asked Eric if there was an official board acceptance of the $50,000 ANONYMOUS donation? I then asked if that donation had been deposited in the Mitchell School District general fund? Eric said neither had happened. I then said it appears that it was a BRIBE by someone to get the proper vote for a certain project. The secrecy of this donation should be explored by legal authorities that are in place to protect the public.

    Having been awarded The (second) Eagle Award for openess when I was a school board member,and this is the month when the 2010 Eagle Award will be announced, I believe the SD Newspaper Association should pursue this very questionable activity.

    The Security code for this blog! the watchers

  10. Rod, you and I have agreed, and disagreed, on a number of items. This is another one with which I disagree.
    I believe a gift can be ANONYMOUS. To make a big deal out of one’s gift is asking for a pat on the back. I believe you give with good will, sharing your abilities, and love of the community. (Yes, I have a problem with Sanford needing his name on everything.)

  11. I have no problem with generous gifts being made anonymously. But had this gift been made or was it to be made? When the bids came in $400,000 over could someone who would profit from this project just want to secretly give back only a poprtion of the huge increase?

    When officials blast the federal government on one hand and grab every dollar, under any circumstance, for their own project it makes one wonder.

    Would this not be great time to let the “sunshine in” on these business deals and see if they were really no bid contracts?

    It is way past time for the people to know how their public business is carried to conclusion.

    DWU’s gift of goal posts seems to be able to stand on its own with or without a new stadium. There was no secrecy there. By the way many anonymous gifts are made to DWU, but DWU does make many choices how those gifts are used. Thanks Suzie for you thoughtful comments but my concern was that “donation” seems to have been given after a favorable vote which has every characteristic of an illegal bribe!

  12. Fly ball at Target Field to let’s go out in left field. Maybe it’s time for a new thread…

  13. I remember Korrie got his picture in the paper a few years ago when he caught a foul ball in Kansas City when the Twins were playing there. (I think it was KC.) That must be a requirement to work at the Daily.

  14. those dogs are always under control and do not go int the cemetery. They don’t bark, don’t bother anyone.
    those dogs are in great shape because they get reglar exercise just like all the people that bring their dogs to the lake and throw dummies for them to exercise. Shouldn’t they be on a leash. Should the owner swim out there with the dog to get the dummy? Those dogs regularily go to numerous nursing homes and are as friendly as there is. If a leash is on them does the ownder have to hold it or can you use an extendable leash and let it go where it wants fo 25 feet? Please find something more important to gripe about. No wonder good people don’t want to serve government.

  15. Dogs that are “always under control and don’t bark” where can I find a dog like this?

  16. It is the law!! Are you kidding me? I can’t even comments any further…you must be the owner of these pets that is all there is to it. If you mention this person and his dogs to people of Mitchell they are outraged at the fact that this hasnt been taken care of. The point isnt that they are great dogs, I believe that they are. Mitchell Has a Leash Law! Period!

  17. ok, so if it is hard for the owner to run his dogs with a leash then he doesn’t have to obey the Leash Law? Is he above the law? He must be!

  18. So if is hard for the Owner of the dogs to run with a leash then is it ok to break the Leash Law? Seriously? Or is it that he thinks he is above the Law?

  19. Scott was running with the dogs for 15 years and nobody ever said anything about it. It wasn’t until he was on council that it became a big issue. Get a life wow. I will tell him to put a leash on if it is the LAW. It was the law not to speed during the Reagan years but most did. If his dogs were running around and bothering people I would agree but they run right next to him. He leaves them in the back of his pickup with the back window open, should they have a leash? They don’t bark, just sleep on the tool box. Does this bother you? Should we call the police and see if they would dare give a councilman a ticket? What is the big deal? There is a cat leash law and everyone in my neighborhood that has a cat leaves their garage open enough for the cat to go in and out, where is the outrage about the cats? See a psychologist for your anger and get over it. Wasn’t this blog about something totally unrelated to this bs?

  20. I had no idea some folks were so irritated to see me exercise with my dogs physically unleashed. I will do my best to obey the leash law. Thank you for your concern. I would have no problem being ticketed for my blatent disregard for the law. As a hunting community, it amazes me how intolerant people can be with such an important aspect of our economic success. Sorry for my error.


  21. It was a law not to speed during the Reagan administration? Are you saying this law does not exist today? What about during Fords time in office.

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