Should Mitchell be funding a regional development group?

We published a story today about the Mitchell City Council’s decision to give $10,000 to a regional development group called the Dakota Heartland Development Association.

I’m wondering about the reaction of some other nonprofits in town. I’ve sat through plenty of City Council budget hearings at which various nonprofits requested money, only to be turned away.

I’m not saying the donation to the regional development group was a bad thing. I’m just wondering how the council’s gift to an organization that serves towns other than Mitchell is being received by people within Mitchell.

Any thoughts?

6 thoughts on “Should Mitchell be funding a regional development group?

  1. $10,000 might not be a bad idea for those who come and support Mitchell business. What ever happened to the asbestos plan at the old Tower building? Is there asbestos in the old Longfellow School or has anyone asked about it? We do not need any of those fibers floating around that area when they demolish the building.

  2. I think the donation was a fine thing to do. The livelihood of our city depends more on the state of our surrounding communities than it does on tourism, and Mitchell citizens alone. Every business in Mitchell benefits from the communities around us for shoppers and employees. If those communities cannot keep the people there, Mitchell loses also. A $10,000 donation to help our neighbors is a fair thing to do.

  3. good job city council- please remember to e-mail your councilman to save our trees at the Lake too.

  4. It truly is stimulus money. There is really no better way to say thank you for what you spend in our community and for the future. The city is simply taking money payed by the surrounding area into our coffers and helping them and ourselves re-invest into more business oportunities to help all grow. Not even in the same class as giving to a non-profit which does very good things but will not roll over and over like the 10 grand will.

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