Should RVers have to serve jury duty?

There’s an interesting story in today’s edition about lawyers in a murder case arguing over whether RVers with South Dakota addresses should be included in a jury pool. One of the lawyers made the point that if these year-round travelers are going to get the benefits of a South Dakota address, i.e. cheap vehicle licensing, a place to vote, etc., they should also have to serve jury duty when the time comes.

I must say that I agree. If an RVer and I both have a South Dakota address, why should I have to serve jury duty while the RVer gets a free pass?

I’ll be interested in your thoughts on the issue.

14 thoughts on “Should RVers have to serve jury duty?

  1. Absolutely. What’s fair is fair. If they claim they’re not South Dakota residents, then they should register their RV in their home state. (And be responsible citizens there, including serving on a jury there, when called.)

    The leisure class shouldn’t get a pass on their civic responsibilities.

  2. Jury lists are gathered from licensed drivers in the county if I am not mistaken. If that is correct, and these RV’ers are licensed drivers of Hanson County, then they should be expected to serve jury duty.

  3. Yes. You don’t get to pick and choose from the residency menu. “I’ll have cheap vehicle registration, but hold the jury duty, please.” just can’t fly.

  4. Yes, they should be included in the jury pool and should be required to be physically present for jury selection. They should not be automatically excused because because they are currently living out-of-state. It they are going to enjoy the benefits of registering their RV in our state, they have to accept the responsibilities of residency.

  5. Let’s start a post on the gymnasts having to pay for half of their sport. Why doesn’t the basketball or football team have to pay for half of its sports? This might be a Title IX violation, I don’t know, but it sure doesn’t look to be fair.

  6. A post on “revived”ymnastics sounds like a good idea. Might even get some cash donations.

  7. I thought we were taking about jury duty here. Anyway, absolutely, YES they should serve jury duty. We all know why they want to list South Dakota as their residence anyway. I believe it has something to do with state income tax?

  8. Are you sure you want a tax dodger from San Francisco or a super lib from Vermont to sit in on a jury case for a child molester?

  9. Never thought about that sort of thing. Guess I was wrong. Thanks for pointing that out for me, soldier boy.

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