The proposal to save gymnastics: A good idea?

From our Saturday paper:

Mitchell Superintendent Joe Graves will present the school board Monday with a recommendation to keep gymnastics as a sanctioned high school sport and add competitive cheer as a sanctioned sport for the 2010-11 school year.

The proposal, which is the result of a Monday meeting between Graves and a gymnastics parent group, was revealed Friday in the school board agenda for Monday’s meeting. As part of the plan, gymnastics backers would have to raise half of the program’s $16,000 annual budget.

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What do you think about the proposal?

20 thoughts on “The proposal to save gymnastics: A good idea?

  1. In my day at good old MHS there were jocks, the upper crust of socialites, the thugs, and the rest of us who merely went to school and went home. I had no athletic ability and felt terribly discriminated against. Many of us felt such God-awful peer pressure in those days that I’ve never gone to any class reunions. This is not an indictment of the educational system when kids treat each other terribly. I was bullied and hazed and hit and had to at time fight back to maintain my decency.

    I don’t know what the solution is except if I had children I’d home school them rather than put them thru the embarrassment I had to put up with in this school. It makes me sad to think I am an alum of MHS.

  2. How sad for your experience at MHS. Mine was similar but at another school. After 50 years alumni events became very nice for me.

    Back on track. Finally Joe Graves has found out that there are other people who have good ideas too! Gymnastics should be reinstated. How about Deacon Graves (Supt)getting the Knights of Columbus to waive their $5000 annual rental fee?

    Did Holy Family Church pay an adequate fee for all those months mass was said at MHS?

  3. Please, people: can we at some point either stop getting riled by the Graves fiat du jour–there will be more, that’s how he rolls–or stop enabling him? (I’m fine with either!)
    Daily Republic: again, the bully pulpit (lectern?) you continue to provide the Superintendent makes you complicit.

  4. If Gymnastics has to come up with half of their budget wouldn’t it seem fair (and possibly save some $) that all the other sports need to come up with half their budget? I know a lot of the sports programs (not all) do some sort of fundraising. What is that money used for – obviously not their budget?

    Show Choir and Band do alot of fundraising too – what is the money used for? I realize Show Choir did extra fundraising this year to take their Florida trip, but in a year when they don’t have an expensive trip planned, what is the fundraising money used for?

  5. To Jen
    Baseball is in no way funded by the school system, it is funded through player fees and fund raising done by the Mitchell Baseball Association

  6. If one program has to do fundraising, then they all should have to do fundraising.

    It is sad, however, that the taxpayers are too cheap to fund these activities. Extra-curriculars, in my opinion, are a very important part of the schooling experience. These kids will be working the rest of their lives. We, as taxpayers, should at least fund a complete high school experience for all of these kids. A solid, school system, including extra-curriculars, is what young couples look for when looking at moving to a new town.

  7. Extra-curicular activties are a very important part of the learning process. It teaches leadership skills and how to be a team member. My kids did not attend school in Mitchell but were in many extra-curicular programs sponsored by our school (sports, school plays, band etc). Active kids have less time to get in trouble (my opinion). Since the activities were tied to the school, they had to keep their grades up in order to be on the team. If their grades started slipping, they did major studying so that they would not have to sit on the bench. In February, my youngest son signed a national letter of intent to play football in college next year. He kept his grades up because of sports. With the combination of grades and sporting ability, he will now be going to college with most of it paid for through scholarships. My other 2 kids went to college on partial scholarships from sports. I would not have been able to afford to pay for the activities if they had not been school sponsored. But since they had the opportunity to play, they received the opportunity to go to college. Many families can not afford to pay large activity fees – keep them school sponsored so that all kids can have the opportunty to participate. Just maybe they will learn some important lessons or open a door into their future.

  8. Well said believer. I am a believer as well. Extra curricular is meant to allow all kids to participate with no regard for economic status. Lets keep kids occupied with school sponsored activities. Lets build gyms not prisons.

  9. what do you know about economic status and sport participation- nothing- us poor slobs in MHS were not apart of the jock society there- you know nothing.

  10. Participation has a level of initiative, hard work and effort. Intelligence, talent such as show choir, and athletic prowess certainly have a genetic component but you still have to put in the time. Sports is not about being popular if you have talent. No coach is going to keep a kid from participating if they have a good attitude, work hard, and have a shred of talent. I joined the army to pay for college so please dont think that you have to be rich to be an athlete.

  11. While getting ready this morning I was listening to a news report where a lot of kids that try to join our armed services are rejected due to being over weight. One of my sons joined the Air Force and his weight was on the border line. He dieted and exercised prior to leaving to make sure his weight was below the limit so that he would not be rejected (and, of course, he lost even more weight during basics). The fact that so many kids are over weight is, and should be, a great concern. Extra curricular activities provide a means to get the kids off the couch and away from whatever game station or computer they are sitting in front of. As “believer” said, there are so many additional benefits to school sponsored activities. And it is not only sports, it is show choir, plays, marching band…..etc. If the kids are at practice after school, they are not on the streets or sitting on the couch – they are involved and moving. If they do not have after school activities, have them get a job. Not all kids want to participate in sports and they don’t need to but can still be active. The main thing is, parents need to keep their kids busy and active. I can understand how families may not be able to afford activity fees for 2 or 3 kids – I surely wouldn’t have been able to. Keep the kids active!!!!

  12. What does “economic status” have to do with being a “jock”?? My parents had no money and I went to school dressed in hand me down clothing. Because of hard work, and yes, natural abilities that I worked hard to improve through out the years, I received a full scholarship to go to college. The coaches put me on the team because I worked hard and had potential, not because of my economic status.

  13. Not everyone that does not partake of sports/music sits on the couch numbing their brain cells. Some work to help their families, save money for school, or to obtain spending monies. There is nothing wrong with a teenager working. They are also learning life skills.

  14. What is the first priority – General Fund expenditures to maintain existing educational programs for students or General Fund pay hikes for MSD 17-2 employees?

    In June 2008, Supt Graves recommended and his rubberstamping school board members approved increasing General Fund payroll expenditures by $2,100 per educator per year over a 3-year period [Note: For the 2010-11 school year, General Fund payroll expenditures will be about $2 million higher than 2007-08 payroll expenditures]. In 2009-10, Graves eliminated the 40-year old MMS swimming educational program citing the need to cut General Fund expenditures. By cutting 2010-11 General Fund gymnastics expenditures from about $25,000 to $8,000, Graves has again cut funding for another well-established educational program. During today’s school board meeting, Graves will recommend increasing 2010-11 General Fund administrator salary expenditures by a total of $15,400 for 2010-11. During today’s school board meeting, school board members will increase General Fund expenditures by at least $2,100 next year by increasing their boss’s (Graves) salary.

    The above excessive General Fund payroll expenditure increases have been initiated by Graves and his quorums of obedient school board members during the worst recession period since The Great Depression. The increase in 2010-11 state funding for education is zero! Hold onto your hats and pocket books because “Ugly” is on the way – more educational program cuts, employee RIFs, the General Fund cash reserve will be used, and continuous dictator imposed opt-out property tax increases will occur over future years of painfully slow economic recovery and state revenue growth.

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