Are we ready for a casino in Sioux Falls?

In 2007, I wrote a story for which I added up all the wagers placed legally in South Dakota during a one-year period — everything wagered at horse and dog tracks, at casinos in Deadwood and on reservations, on ticket games and video lottery, and whatever other legal gambling existed at the time.

The wagers placed legally in South Dakota during 2006 alone added up to $1.742 billion. Just 20 years earlier, before the expansion of the legal gambling industry began, the only place South Dakotans could put down a legal bet was at a horse or dog track, or at a locally authorized raffle or bingo game.

Now there’s a proposal to expand the state’s gambling industry even further by putting a resort casino in Sioux Falls. You can click here to read a story about that in today’s Daily Republic.

What do you think about allowing a big casino in the state’s biggest city?

14 thoughts on “Are we ready for a casino in Sioux Falls?

  1. The place where they should put a casino in, is across the street from the Corn Palace, at the old doll house museum site. Have it city owned. All the revenue could be spent on improving the city’s infrastructure and who knows……maybe even fund the events center. Problems solved.

  2. If it’s in Mitchell use the profits to reduce property taxes or offset cost overruns such as the stadium.

  3. the poor pay taxes what is with that last comment- the rich have been dodging them for years and have the politicians in their pockets to protect them- come on get with reality bubba??

  4. are you serious? The top 10% earners ay 73% of the taxes. Get your facts, these are not my facts, they are the IRS. The problem is not the rich, it is all the people using entitlements and pay no taxes. If you make 50 k and have 2 kids, you pay no federal income tax. The rich pay, essentially, all federal income taxes. A symptom of wealth is having a good job, having kids that you can afford, staying married and follow the rules. Get the facts.

  5. overtaxed:
    i believe as long as we work, we pay income tax, correct? you might get some of it back at the end of the year but not all of it. the rich obviously pays more.

  6. Oh, right. Just perfect. A casino on Main Street Mitchell- city owned yet! We do not need another place for people to LOSE their paychecks allowing their families to go without good meals, clothing and a decent place to live. I wish they would shut down all casinos and lotteries. If anyone every really came ahead in those places they would not be in business. Call me old fashioned, but there are better ways to raise money.

  7. Dear workin man. You pay FICA taxes of which your employer pays half of the 15.3% due the government. That is not the same as income taxes. Income taxes are based on income and expenses. Poor people do not pay income taxes. Poor people can’t get a tax rebate since they do not pay income taxes. So when taxes are lowered, the rich do get a break but you can’t give a break to people that don’t pay in the first place.

  8. I bet the IOWA casino will get its water from the Lewis and Clark Water System. In other words, Sioux Falls will play a big part in this Rural Development.

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