Drill, baby, drill?

The "drill, baby, drill" chant sounded stupid and simplistic to me when it was popularized. In retrospect, it sounds and looks even worse.

I’m not saying we should give up all forms of oil drilling just because of one spill in the Gulf of Mexico, but the spill certainly reveals the lunacy of focusing exclusively on drilling to the detriment of everything else.

In case you forgot how fervent some people were during the "drill, baby, drill" heyday, here’s a refresher:

16 thoughts on “Drill, baby, drill?

  1. “focusing exclusively on drilling to the detriment of everything else.”

    I’d be curious if anyone…anyone at all who supported off shore drilling wanted it to be the exclusive focus or our energy policy. I remember the push being for development of all forms of indiginous energy… coal, natural gas, ethanol, oil shale, nuclear etc.

    Your point is a stretch at the least and borders on using one incident to demigog an entire industry.

  2. An arena full of thousands of people chanting “drill, baby, drill” isn’t a sign of those people focusing exclusively on drilling to the detriment of other energy solutions?

  3. Give me my freedom………but don’t disrupt my lifestyle. NOT IN MY BACKYARD!
    How conveniently we want life.
    Freedom is not free.

  4. if gas gets $4- I’ll have to quit my job I won’t be able to afford to go to work- gee thanks oil barrons

  5. I agree the GOP does NOT yet have a comprehensive, coordinated response to the energy crisis. But Tupper’s assertion that “Drill, baby, drill” mantra is the call for attacking that problem by exclusively drilling for oil is misplaced. That call represents the Republican Oil-State answer, with the exception, of course of California. There are many Republicans pushing for alternative energy development. When the rest of the party realizes that, the party, and the nation, will be better served. Why the Palin “wingette” of the party might think “Drill, baby, drill” is the answer, many, if not most party members know that is not the case.

  6. Seth, what is your solution. Continue to fund countries that hate us so they can export more terrorists to bomb NYC? Ban all oil tankers? Go exclusively nuclear? Pay $10 a gallon for cleaner energy and further halt the economy and kill any chance of job growth? Ban all cars and move towards public transportation? How would the government shares in GM then fair? Please do not minimize the complexity of the problem for arguments sake. Seems to me a more logical solution is Palins mantra of ‘drill baby drill’ which I believe included drilling on land in Alaska. Does that come with risk? Absolutely but so does all the other crazy and unrealistic solutions stated above. Technology in this country will be the answer but if we do not overcoome the current economic situation, it really won’t matter will it?

  7. Well, as Seth has demonstrated, we sure heard a lot of that drill, baby drill mantra. It is simplistic. And not because it focuses just on drilling for oil. All carbon-based energy sources have adverse environmental impact. And wind, solar and other so-called green energy sources are not viable as a replacement yet. Can we do something right now – sure – reduce our consumption. But this is too hard for most of us. We depend on energy and we resist changing our lifestyle – if the price of gas goes up, we will complain – but we will keep driving. It is hard to ride a bike in January, but maybe we should try it this summer.

    And this is not just about one event – there have been several. Just look at BPs previous safety violations. And there will be more when energy companies, seeking ever greater profits, keep cutting corners and endangering their workers and our environment in order to reward their shareholders and CEOs. Im sure the Keystones pipeline will be safe though…

    As far as sane Republican policies – if they are being developed – and I hope they are, they keep getting lost in the thoughtless pandering by Palin and lots of others, and now in their sabotage theory.

  8. Rallying Cry:
    As with race-baiting, jingoism, and other time-tested GOP tactics, I could find it easier to believe that the “Drill, baby, drill” chanting is, like you say, just a few nutters and not the position of the party–if only the rest of the party members would publicly dissent. Until then, please forgive me if I remain skeptical.

  9. Maybe $4 gas (on its way to ???) will be the wake-up call for this country to really take long-overdue action to wean us off foreign oil.

  10. “soldier boy,”

    You wrote “Please do not minimize the complexity of the problem for arguments sake.”

    Isn’t that exactly what chanting “drill, baby, drill” does? And that’s exactly my problem with it.

  11. Craticula:

    You are absolutely correct. (Post 7:05 am) The moderates are definitely shouted down. One day the party will find its true base and realize Palin and Bachman have made more noise than sense.

  12. I did not ask you to critique me, I asked you for a solution. It is easy to point out problems and I really hope Palin is not to be the leader of the Republican Party, rather, I asked for a solution. What would you do? The DR is full of opinions every day. What is Seth Tuppers?

  13. Here’s a proposal: Don’t vote for anybody — Republican or Democrat — who is so simplistic and narrow-minded as to reduce a complex problem to a three-word phrase, two words of which are the same and the other of which is “baby.”

    The point I was trying to make was that when I saw people crazily shouting “drill, baby, drill,” it struck me as really stupid. In light of recent events, it now strikes me as even more stupid than I originally thought. That’s all. I’m not claiming I have the solution to the world’s energy needs.

  14. Tusche (hope that is spelled right). I believe the three word phrase identifies the very problem with Americans, nobody cares unless it affects their own life. We certainly have the government we deserve based on the particiapation of its people, however, the press’s involvement to educate and print fact cannot be understated. Promoting inuendo, rumors, and falsehoods under the guise of facts only further weakens the peoples ability to make an informed decision. Thank you.

  15. Agree completely with 10:47 am post. Starting to see more and more GOP senators act like “What ‘drill, baby, drill'” chant are you guys talking about?
    However, I’m not optimistic about our nation’s collective attention span. Those 30-second sound bites and cute catch phrases aren’t going away anytime soon. And the Republicans seem to be a little bit better at the “sales job” approach to politics, right, Craticula?

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