Corn Palace pride

A Daily Republic story on dock, the weed used as trim on the Corn Palace, revealed how much effort goes into obtaining it. City workers scour the countryside for dock, which is teamed with rye and brome grass to be used as trim around the Corn Palace murals.

Although it’s a weed that grows across the area, finding the right color and quality is a struggle, city workers told us this week. Part of the problem is farmers’ use of herbicide to kill it off and the other issue is the first cut of hay, where a lot of dock is cut as well.

So they asked for help and they’re getting it, according to Corn Palace Director Mark Schilling. In the first two days since the story ran, 10 to 12 people have called to offer dock for the local landmark. If you have some, call 995-8427.

3 thoughts on “Corn Palace pride

  1. I was at the Palace the other day when the chamber had their literature swap. To my amazement Mr. Schilling had a pallet brought in of Corn Palce brochures stacked several boxes high- he had the employees pull and push that pallet up on the basketball court flooring- you should have been sitting there as I heard the flooring crack- now I don’t believe common sense would dictate that that was a no-no- Not to bright of an idea Mark damaging the floor of the Palace?

  2. We should all be very thankful to have the Corn Palace in Mitchell. The number of people it brings into town is truly remarkable. In recent years I have also noticed the improvements made to the building both inside and out. We need to continue to invest in this American icon.

  3. I know this is off topic, but could we get a blog post introducing our new blogger? 😀

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