Stephanie sings Bob Dylan

The answer may be blowing in the wind, but it’s also in the pockets of energy companies and state and federal officials.

That’s what Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin said Friday. Kinda. Sorta.

SHS was at Mitchell Technical Institute for a closed-door meeting and a press briefing on trying to obtain a wind turbine for MTI’s wind turbine students. It’s not a tiny task — the turbine would stand more than 300 feet high and cost in excess of $4 million.

Herseth Sandlin said her job is to work with the public and private entities to obtain grants, loans, tax credits and anything else to help pay for the wind tower. It would be used for its intended pupose at a Basin Electric wind farm but it could also be employed to educate MTI’s students. She hopes for good news and we’ll stay on top this to see if the kids get this massive educational tool, which would be placed at a wind farm in the central part of the state but would be owned by MTI.

No, she didn’t follow up with "Hurricane" or "Masters of War."

More in Saturday’s paper.

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  1. been to his concerts not too bad- however Steph is not of that generation. Bob Dylan is over rated and burned out- you can’t understand anything he says- maybe Steph is too,

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