On your mark, get set … VOTE!

The Republican primary campaign ends today and most voters who take part in the GOP primary will cast votes Tuesday. Only slightly more than 100 people cast absentee votes in Davison County.

Democrats and independents will sit this one out. The Democrats have their candidates for the House and for governor and lt. gov. and independents don’t take part in South Dakota’s Republican primaries. The Republicans get to choose from five who want to be governor and three who want to go to Washington, D.C.

What race are you excited about?

3 thoughts on “On your mark, get set … VOTE!

  1. Knudson is the logical choice. He is a proven problem solver. He’s also the only one who can beat Heidipriem in the general election.

  2. I’m excited about Scott Munsterman in the Governor’s race. I think he’s going to be the “Mike Rounds” of this election, surprising us all.

  3. the choice was between dumb and dumber in this again the voter lost- no solutions on the republican side

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