Now THAT’S a storm

Thursday was a day of rain, wind and lightning as nature put on an impressive show. Heavy rains, winds reaching 50 mph and sharp lightning. Flooding was reported in some areas of Mitchell.

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Click here for continuing coverage of the massive spring storms.

5 thoughts on “Now THAT’S a storm

  1. the republicans are like a bunch of turkeys with their mouths open, when the rains came they drowned

  2. we are missing the historical photos of back in time- has the paper cancelled that feature or what has happened to it?

  3. well if the photos aren’t history what are they then- photos of lunar flight bubba?

  4. The historic photos are not disappearing into the folds of time. They will resume in The Daily Republic. Thanks for your keen interest in this feature, which I share. Historic photos and stories are fascinating.

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