Obama and the oil

President Obama tried again last night to convey his anger and frustration over the oil spill in an Oval Office adress to the nation  How do you think he did?

When will the spill be contained? Is Obama to blame for the continuing mess or is it something no one can easily fix? Is it all BP’s fault?

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I'm a South Dakota native who has covered the state since 1978. The events, officials, celebrities and news have provided a remarkable pageant to watch pass. Spending time with and learning about the people of South Dakota, almost always strong, modest, wry, smart, decent and friendly, has been the best part of the work. I live in Mitchell.

3 thoughts on “Obama and the oil

  1. BP is responsible for the spill, and lack of ability to reseal……….Gov. should have been out there seeing to the clean up. BP had their hands full while lack of action by our “should we or should we not” Gov. did not help anything.
    If this had happened in the midwest…….action would take place immediately. We don’t sit around wondering what to do…….or the best course of action.

  2. I guess i resent the fact it happened at all. Greed overcame good sense and it is going to rise up and bite us all in the posterior…..We need to get off the oil teat asap!

  3. America is cursed- an american child because of our lifestyle is seven times more likely to contribute to pollution than a child from a third world country- we are paying for this culture the hard way- and how does burning off oil help our carbon counts- yep we are making the pollution even worse- just imagine the expose to benzene- a toxic element of course-this is more serious than most as giving it and as time unfolds we will learn of how we pay for this- this will in the end worsen global warming and to you deniers of that oh pooh on you and your junk science-politics too you polluters of negativity.

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