Father’s Day is Sunday.

What made your dad a great one?

What makes you a great dad?

Why are some men lousy dads?

Any advice for new dads?

3 thoughts on “Dads

  1. My dad instilled in me a sense of civic responsibility. He took me to vote with him when I was really young, let me punch the card, and explained responsibilities the city council, mayor, etc.

    He helped me get my first job at age 11 delivering papers for the Daily. About once a year when it was too cold and windy, he took over his kids’ routes.

    But most importantly, he let me and my brothers know that there was nothing – absolutely nothing – that we could ever do to lose his love. If I was ever in trouble, be it trouble I got myself into or not, I could call him for a ride home, a cup of coffee, and consequences that could wait until morning. I love my dad!

  2. Some good dads seem to be born that way; others learn on the job and become better with experience. I think both types can be role models for their children. My father had a hard life, all his life – an interesting life to be sure, and a successful one, but never one that could be counted on to be simple or straightforward or easy. It is much harder to be a parent when your life strays so far from the path you had envisioned. But I saw in my father resiliency and growth and even though he was always a good father, he became an even better one as a result of that tempering.

  3. Growing up with an aging father was certainly no easy deal, growing up an only child also had it’s pitfalls, growing up in town had it’s downfalls too. But I am grateful for the love shown me from mom’s good meals, to dad’s hard and honest work that provided the essentials for our family life. I had a stay at home mom too- things were like that back then and that meant alot too.

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