Fire the general?

Does Gen. Stanley McChrystal need to go? Were the remarks attributed to him and his staff in Rolling Stone reason enough to fire the leader of American forces in Afghanistan?

President Obama, who is reportedly furious, has summoned the general to the White House for a Wednesday morning meet and chew. Your take?


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  1. I think BO is the one that needs to be recalled. Our constitution is in real jeopardy. He has become the greatest threat to our way of life in my lifetime. November should at least lame duck him for his final two years. We owed him and the American voters a chance to prove us wrong and he has blown it. Bush is twice the president BO is and ever could be. Let us hope we are not again attacked by terrorists. He would probably fall over himself appologizing for something we did wrong.

  2. I believe General McChrystal has done the right thing and offered his resignation. If the General honestly felt that he administration was not managing the war appropriately, he should have made that clear to the President. That he even had such an on the record interaction like that speaks volumes on his judgment. I would be interested to read what Soldier Boy feels about this.
    Regardless of politics, a president needs to have confidence in the general officers who prosecute the war, and McChrystal is no exception.

  3. I have listened to both sides of the coin. (They both have a point.) Charles Krauthammer said it best when he said that Pres. Obama could not make a decision. He is a professor, good speech giver, but not a decision maker. Looks about right……at this time. Right or wrong, we go with Pres. leadership.

  4. dear independent you are a biased bugger- you know nothing about our constitution but just go ahead spread more filth and lies- have you forgotten the rotten shape we were in four years ago? seems to be you have and stop listening to hate radio- go to church and ask for forgivenenss for your malicious spirit.

  5. Politics aside (cue in the theme song to Mission Impossible…) Our Constitution wisely has our wonderful military reporting to civilian authority. I am confident that Wasson’s assertion represents the minority of the troops’ sentiments, regardless of their political leanings.

  6. As one of those troops that keeps in contact with folks that are still active duty, I can assure you that the General feelings on our current commander and cheif are not what I would consider to be a good relationship. How would you feel if you had a boss that thought you were unecesary or part of the problem regarding the resentment and hate other countries feel towards us. How would you feel if your boss was apologizing for the very country you would gladly lay your life down for? Something to think about.

  7. Soldier Boy — Not sure what you’re referring to. Generals McChrystal & Petraeus, the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who is a lifelong Republican and Bush holdover, all are on record supporting – fully – the President’s war policy.

  8. Do your employees–publicly–ever say anything that doesn’t support their boss? Or as an employee would you ever say anything to disrespect or couonter your boss? In theory, a good employee should speak the truth but that isn’t the norm. Do you want the truth on this or do you want to hear the company line. How could a true soldier support a man that has absolutely no experience with military service, has spoken against military service and has blamed our soldiers for the problems he feels we have with world public relations? Im just trying to be honest.

  9. better take care of that PTSD problem you have- and that malicious tongue of yours you are not a team player you must have not learned a thing in service- ramrod

  10. Since when was the truth malicious. Have you ever served? Talk about the party of denial. Look at the facts. BO has done more harm to our country that Carter, Reagan, Clinton and the Bushs combined. He has put our country more at risk in 2 years than the other did in 30. And thats a fact Jack.

  11. you have no facts only your malicious comments- you are a terrorist of the worst kind not a patriot

  12. I’m sorry soldier boy, but I don’t know of one solider who openly defies or questions a superior officer’s orders through the media. President Obama is the Commander-in-Chief and McChrystal was out of line. He even admitted that himself by apologizing.

    I am a civilian. But if I spoke insubordinately about my bosses to the media, my employment would be terminated immediately. No questions asked, and that is how it should be.

    Hey Independent, how has President Obama put our Constitution in jeopardy. You can’t make conclusory statements without backing them up. Otherwise you are showing your lack of intelligence by doing so.

  13. This war is doomed and everyone knows it, but we choose to continue to hemorrhage life and treasure so we can delay making the inevitable choice between committing to Afghanistan for decades to come or (more likely) finding some way to withdraw–which will no doubt be called surrender, defeat, stabbing the troops in the back, etc., by the president’s opponents. I suppose the president’s alternative is to let servicemen continue dying for just long enough to pass this war on to his successor. That certainly worked for the last guy, and it seems to satisfy most Americans–who, as they will tell you, support the troops!

    Honestly: If we were on the verge of some great success with Afghanistan, would the president have even considered removing the general?

  14. Oh, also:
    Joking about PTSD is not clever or funny.
    If your point is, rather, that someone habitually makes angry and irrational (not to mention transparently partisan) outbursts, all the while cloaking himself in the mantle of the US serviceman, then say *that*.

  15. 1. Is taking over private companies like GM, Banks, the student loan companies

    2. Is taking away the right to bear arms. Tried to buy any ammo lately?

    3. Have you tried to get a loan lately?

    4. Joining a union will not likely be a private deal for much longer. In the old days people were lynched for not joining a union.

    5. He has just spent, along with pelosi and reed, aver 10 trillion dollars of our kids and grandkids money not to mention taking Medicare and totally destroying it

    6. He has apologized to our enimies and ostracized our friends such as england over the BP disaster.

    7. He is pushing Karzi into the open arms of the Taliban

    8. He or his chief of staff directly negotiated for his former senate seat in Chicago.

    9. He is overstepping his authority and interfering with state rights as Arizona tries to protect itself from the invasion of the folks from Mexico.

    10. He sold us all out as he sold benefits for states such as Louisiana and Nebraska for votes to overcome a fillibuster.

    I am sure there is much more. Anyone more intuned than I can surley add to the list. I am less concerned with him being the first BLACK president and more concerned with him being our countries last! The bottoom line is he is compromising our ability to be free to pursue happiness.

  16. Facts, where is your evidence for number 8? That is a bold allegation. Also, what law did President Obama encourage (Presidents don’t pass legislation, they only sign legislation into law) Congress to pass in violation of the second amendment?

    Also, besides number 2, none of your 10 points are a violation of the US Constitution. And most of your points are not real or are revisionist. GM and banks took the bailouts, they weren’t forced to do so. These bailouts were were passed with BIPARTISAN votes and support. Some of the bailouts were passed when BUSH was still PRESIDENT.

    Please be honest in your discourse, “facts.” And sorry, but I have to bring this up. Your lack of grammatical skills and spelling takes away any credibility you have. It strengthens the argument that you are just a partisan hack who would disagree with anything Reid, (not “Reed” like you write) Pelosi or Obama would advocate even if you agreed with it.

  17. Didn’t both parties vote to go to war with Saddam for violation UN something or other? How did it become Bush’s war? Wasn’t it bipartison? Please leave the partison attacks alone when you make partison attacks. Besides I am an Independent. Far as I am concerned both sides are wacked. Also, I prefer to spell reid reed to signify his lack of backbone and insignificance. We shall see if the American people have had enough of the Obomination of our country in November. Bush might have made a lot of mistakes but nothing like this over educated community organizer that doesn’t seem to be able to do anything right. He is making Bush look like a Rhode scholar with a degree in common sense.

  18. My issue is…….we talk about winning the war. We should be talking about helping the Afghanies winning freedom. As long as we focus on our winning, we will loose. It really isn’t our fight. We want them to be able to live a life free from the Taliban rule. That’s it, plain and simple.
    Now go take your bad manners else where.

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