An explosive topic: Fireworks!

Political discussions here and elsewhere often generate a lot of heat but not much light.

The conversation usually degenerates into name-calling. Enough! It’s almost the Fourth of July. We’re all Americans, left, right and in-between.

Plus, frankly, it’s kinda boring. Original comments and insight are welcome. Insults and labelling are just not needed.

How about a topic where everyone has a story to tell: Fireworks. Best place to buy ’em, time you almost blew off a thumb, prettiest large display you remember?

5 thoughts on “An explosive topic: Fireworks!

  1. The people of Mitchell and surrounding area should be grateful to Mitchell for the wonderful ANNUAL July 4 fireworks show! Please do not forget however the many, many years that the local Jaycee chapter provided the entertainment. They worked all year long to raise the funds (it is not CHEAP) and spent THEIR holiday getting the display ready instead of spending time with their own families. I know however that Starr’s do a fantastic job also. One suggestion? Bring the display back to the island and eliminate all the congestion on the west end of the lake and it is much more visible from the island for more people.

  2. That was a funny way to end the article about the fireworks stands in today’s paper… minute you’re reading about the different locations and then bam!—you’re reading about a stripper getting burned from sparklers in her show. LOL Was that really necessary for the article?

  3. was out to the Kongo years ago- an act named ragged Annie had a huge snake in a box she worked with on stage- as we sat there buds in hand the snake’s box began to smoke- well the poor old snake got cooked on stage in it’s box. She also had a diapered monkey too- and was that thing ever mean- grabbed you beer and drank it- man the good old days of summer at the Kongo- I hope my kids grow up to see sparklers and strippers in free America too!!!

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