Heavy, man. And woman and child

South Dakota is the 15th fattest state in the whole wide (and getting wider) country. Mississippi is No. 1.

Why? What can be done? Are you going to eat that last slice of pie? Sorry, talking about food does that to me.

Are you overweight? Are you twice the person you were in high school? Is there any hope for the chubby country we call the USA?

10 thoughts on “Heavy, man. And woman and child

  1. Hard workers have to eat well. Lazy people are thin……..they don’t require the nurishment.
    Seriously, SD is a state of hard working individuals. They don’t have time to worry about their nutrition, they need energy…..fast.

  2. I consider myself somewhat thin and I am far from lazy. There are lots of good, healthy choices even for the hardest working people. Eat a turkey sandwich on multigrain bread (hold the Mayo) instead of a cheeseburger and enjoy some veggies as well. For dessert try an apple instead of a Twinkie. What takes time is deciding what to pack for your lunch, NOT eating it. Bring your lunch from home (pack it the night before if you have to be at work early) and forget the fast food joints. The time it takes to drive there and wait in line you could be taking a 15-20 minute walk instead after eating! It’s all in what YOU choose to do and eat. It’s YOUR body and YOUR health. Don’t make excuses.

  3. “Hey Lazy” — You’re spot on. My problem is eating too much and moving too little. I am “twice the man” I was when I graduated, but I’m making some changes.

  4. eating has everything to do with this- well think again? ever heard of the fat gene? Besides exercise is for the yuppies, guppies and gen. XYZ- go for it !!!

  5. i was 145lbs when i graduated from high school and at 50 yrs old, im 155. i work hard and im active. and more importantly, i dont eat anything after supper. quit eating junk food in the evening and if you get up at midnight, use the bathroom and keep the fridge closed. btw, my 155lbs and im 5’6, im almost overweight according to charts ive seen. so that could be the biggest problem. who decides whats overweight and what isnt.

  6. Hard-working? Meh.
    Underpaid? Without a doubt.

  7. Well I had to get my two cents in on this issue…hence my name Big Belly. Yes I actually have a big belly. I work hard, play hard and pay my bills. I work one full-time job, one 10 hour a week part-time job and sell AVON. My family tree is filled to the brim with big bellies and also skinnys. We love food and love the people who make the food. When I look at people I look at their hearts and how they treat their fellow man or woman, not by the size of their waist or wallet. Life is too short to judge people. Who is to judge what is normal?

  8. I have no problem with anyone being out of shape. That is your choice. However, if you choose to overeat, drink, smoke, do drugs whatever, please accept the consequences of your choices. You do not have a right to expect everyone else to pay for your addictions. Diabetes, lung cancer, copd, kidney and liver failures emphysema etc. on and on. That is where Medicare and social security have taken the biggest hit. People get free healthcare after 65 regardless of how they have taken care of themselves which comes with a tremendous cost in and of itself and as a result of excellent health care they live longer and are on SS and Medicare even longer. The fault is our own. Big belly is right in that she can ‘not be judged’ for who she has become, but, it doesn’t change the fact that her choices and attitude of entitlement are directly affecting her childrens future as it relates to who will pay off this massive debt. Something to think about.

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