The Supremes

Solicitor General Elena Kagan seems to be handling the Senate Judiciary Committee pretty well. Wednesday was her third day of testimony and she was displaying patience, humor and intelligence. The senators were, well, senators.

Following in the well-worn footsteps of previous nominees, Kagan said she will have an open mind on all issues, be a justice who interprets rather than make law and promises to brush after every hearing. Or something like that.

South Dakota’s senators talked about Kagan during their teleconferences with journalists this morning. Unsurprisingly, Democrat Tim Johnson was impressed with Kagan while Republican John Thune was not as much of a fan.

Both said they will wait to announce their votes but Johnson is clearly leaning toward supporting Kagan for the lifetime post while Thune said he strongly suspects she’s a liberal who would take her views to the court with her. In other words, it looks like the nonpartisan Supreme Court is, once again, a polticial playground.

Should she be elevated to the high court? Should Republicans filibuster to block the appointment? Who’s the next justice to announce their retirement?

Is there a Diana Ross reference out there? Here’s a link to the story:

2 thoughts on “The Supremes

  1. I love how Thune says he might block Kagan’s nomination. Did Thune in 2004 call Daschle an obstructionist because Daschle attempted to block several of Bush’s judicial nominees? Yes, he did.

    The question then is why isn’t Thune now considered an obstructionist?

  2. would it be possible that the candidate “none of the above” gets more votes- watch the tallies in the next election to see how many don’t vote in either Herseth’s or Thune’s contest? Observer you are correct John Thune is an obstructionist. Pressler was an opportunist and Nixon is still a crook. Some of you nut jobs probably voted for the killing of our Americans in Vietnam via the Nixon regime.

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