Patriots, flags and Americans

I was talking with people who fly flags outside their homes Thursday night and Friday morning. They offered a variety of reasons and you can read about it Saturday morning in the Fourth of July weekend edition of The Daily Republic.

Why do you fly a flag or why don’t you? What does glimpsing the red, white and blue symbol mean to you?

And does it bother you to see the flag used to market fireworks, mattresses and beer?

7 thoughts on “Patriots, flags and Americans

  1. the 4th on Sunday- well go combime your patriotic fevor with that good old time religion and see the mess that you’ve made !!!

  2. I agree save the trees. Let a private citicen buy them and then they can protect them with their own time and money. The city has far to much land and trees as it is. The city should have no role in land it does not have a use for, nor has the resources to care for it in the same way city code expects private citicens are to care for their own property. Sell the land and make the lake a better place for everybody. Better parks, better access, nicer trees that are cared for and planted with purpose. If you want a shelterbelt, move into the country. We are supposed to be a class A city. Lets start acting like one. Go council, I support your logic and philospy on the role of government.

  3. The fireworks display at Lake Mitchell this evening was terrific!! Best ever. Thanks so much to Starr Fireworks, the Mitchell Exchange Club, KMIT and anyone else who helped to provide the great show. The people of Mitchell and the surrounding area were very fortunate to enjoy such great evening of entertainment. Thanks again!

  4. The City Father’s of old were smart to save land along the lake for future use by those less fortunate. (By that I mean……..unable to own their own piece of ground on the lake.) Lake Mitchell is used, and enjoyed, by so many city dwellers, tourist, country residents because of the city owned land. Everyone speaks of an Arena to bring others into our/your community. What about parks? Not everyone is interested in the “night” life.
    Land can be designated park land, and not necessarily developed, but saved for our future needs. Once sold…….never returned, and then the money is spent and no one will remember what was even done with those monies. Out of sight, out of mind. Dun Deal! Kaput.
    Never be in a hurry to get rid of your land.

  5. well you don’t know your story and that is for sure- the lake is a public body of water- created by the city council who acts as a body of last resort to show their responsibility in it’s upkeep. What happens when all parcels of land are developed- sold off- with no public accessability to that lake- maybe we should look beyond our own borders our own parochial nature since people like you don’t know about public ownership and see how ownership is handled in other places -other countries that maintain public accessability and really mean it. This vote will be trees- 1- Lour Sebert- 0- it’s that simple bubba

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