On the grow … or no?

Mitchell is on the grow. A bit.

A Census estimate released last week said Mitchell gained 22 people from 2008 to 2009. That’s not a big increase but it’s better than losing people, as happened a few years earlier. A final figure will be released next year.

What can Mitchell do to grow? Or do we need to close the gates and keep outsiders outside?

6 thoughts on “On the grow … or no?

  1. Congratulations Mr. Lawrence for hitting the most important issue facing our community. We must figure out how to attract educated, young people with families to come and help Mitchell become a place to raise a family in a modern, safe and progressive community. For those that say no, lets keep them out, you are sealing Mitchell’s and your own death sentence. Your home andyour infastructure are doomed if we cannot compete for these young, professional families against Yankton, Brookings, Aberdeen, Harrisburg, Watertown etc. Mitchell must become a leader in education of our young people, competitive in athletics, creative with our music, dance and show and a model for things to do for all people of diverse backgrounds. It does not mean that less educated or less well off folks are not welcomed but those that broaden the tax base will become a premium for all the above communities. Identifying the wants and needs of these young families should be a priority for our local city, county and area governments and schools. If we cannot come together to move forward with this basic understanding, there will be stagnation and an eventual exodus. How much will your home be worth then? What will unemployment be then? How do you pay for pools, roads, parks, police and fire then? I love this town but let us take what is great about Mitchell and make it better.

  2. The question of growth or lack of growth has haunted Mitchell for 75 years. The population in 1935 was 12,834. As of 2010 the population has “jumped” to 14,747. That is an increase of 1,913 people or 25.50 each year for the past 75 years! The question is why does this city not grow? It can not be blamed on the current city fathers as they have not be in leadership for 75 years. Mitchell has alot going for it, it is only the 3rd city in the state that has I-90 going right through it, good schools, parks, places to live. I know it does lack in jobs, taxes are high. But with a growth of 25.5 people average per year, folks this is a concern for every tax paying resident of Mitchell! Can this trend be broken? What would it take?

  3. I choose to remain here. Went K thru college here. Had moved a couple of times when economic trends got bad, but my mother lived here- it was important to be here for that reason alone- to help her. I’ve never been so put off by some of the employers here- having struggled to maintain work- ending up in low paying work and now part-time work. Heck I’m too poor now to even think about moving. I don’t hate Mitchell but you guys who are employers could do alot better in your hires and helping out residents in terms of living here- I say to you the employers you are poor judges of character and I would not recommend to anyone moving to Mitchell. I can barely make it myself here and this is sickening? I don’t know what soldier boy has in mind? perhaps he might have a plan? or just another bunch of empty words while the rest of us struggle to have enough gas to drive to work, enough food to maintain our health. The clock is ticking on America and South Dakota and Mitchell for a failed economy and empire- we are and have been in a state of decline for years and no one- no one has a real plan of economic recovery? So don’t string me along with your empty words I know how bare my refrigerator is and how many others too suffer in this community in poverty. No one wants to live here because the economic conditions are too negative.

  4. Mitchell as a regional medical center, tourist hub, and, of course, the agricultural sector, are all key to the community. There is a lot of potential here to build on that as well as diversify, including an all-weather airport that can accommodate jet traffic and an eager workforce. Mitchell is too close to Sioux Falls to have significant growth (which probably is the biggest factor in Mitchell lacking commercial airline service), but that we are holding are own is encouraging.

  5. Please spare us the sob storry. What right do you have to expect someone else to provide for your needs. You have a college degree, use it and start your own business. It appears it is easy to do since you can’t understand why someone doesn’t just hire you for what you think you are worth. Nobody owes anybody a living unless you are willing to give up your freedom and be an employee of the state. They tried that in Russia, how did that work out for them? I prefer to be free and accountable for my own decisions. It isn’t your mothers fault, it is your fault for resigning to a state of poverty. Shame on you.

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