A foggy night

Mitchell wil be fogged Thursday night in an attempt to kill some of the many hungry mosquitoes in the city.

It’s the second time the city has been fogged. Some think that hasn’t been enough. Others slap away and stay indoors without too many complaints.

The city says it is trying to save money; it costs about $2,000 per fogging. In addition, it’s holding its fire for later this summer, when the skeeters that carry West Nile virus are expected to be thick and thirsty.

Is the city taking the right steps?

3 thoughts on “A foggy night

  1. The mosquitoes are so thick, I have not worked out in the yard like I need to in order to keep it looking decent. I feel sorry for my neighbors, but unless the city keeps up with fogging, I think there will be a lot of weedy yards!

  2. $8 for Cutter Spray you attach to your garden hose and you are bug free for 4-6 weeks. Average yard can be done twice. I am typing this on my laptop outside right now. Quit whining for the government to wipe your nose.

  3. Would Cutter Spray be cost effective in public parks, drainage ditches, landfills, airports, and so forth? Thank you, Indy, for your suggestion and for demonstrating — very, very clearly,I might add — the “everything is socialism” argument is really funny!
    Fighting mosquitoes is critical to public health.
    Lighten up. Think of it as a cradle to the grave program for skeeters that benefits all of us.

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