Baseball musings

George Steinbrenner is dead. The Boss was a tyrant but he restored the New York Yankees to the dominant role in baseball after buying them in 1973. Legend or loud-mouth jerk with a big wallet?

Big Papi was a Twins castoff but a Red Sox legend as he helped lead the cursed franchise to a pair of World Series titles. Now, as some said he was at the end of the line, he is crushing the ball again and won the Home Run Derby Monday night. Is Papi a favorite of yours?

The All-Star Game tonight will draw millions of fans to TVs to watch millionaire stars play a child’s game. Will you watch?

Will the Twins make the playoffs? Will Justin Morneau bounce back from his latest concussion? Is Joe Mauer hurt worse than he lets on?

Are you a baseball fan?

One thought on “Baseball musings

  1. Sick of the Stankies!, Big Sloppie is old!, All Star game is spectacular, Twins are gonna win their pennant but need some pitcheing!

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