Raise a toast or not?

The Mitchell City Council approved on- and off-sale of hard liquor on Memorial Day starting in 2011 during its Monday night meeting.

The Legislature decided to let cities and towns set their own rules on this after banning hard liquor sales on the holiday across the state previously.

This could be referred to a vote, as was the council’s decision to allow the off-sale of hard liquor on Sundays. Councilman Mel Olson said Monday while he opposes Sunday off-sale, he favors the holiday change. He said he knows veterans who want to raise a toast to fallen comrades on Memorial Day.

Should the city allow this? Should voters decide? Should anyone who wants a drink on a holiday like that just buy the bottle the night before? Your thoughts, please …

10 thoughts on “Raise a toast or not?

  1. Lets just disband the council and refer everything to a vote. True democracy. From sidewalks to nusience dogs, swimming pools, raises for the employees, benefits, all of it. Just place all the work for our council on the November election and we can read 8000 pages of info and vote. (This would be sarcasm)

  2. By making it available, you can vote each Memorial Day whether you would like a drink or not. Your neighbor can also vote as to whether his household would like a drink or not. And so on and so forth….

  3. obviously Mr. Olson is not of military families- many of our men do not want us wallowing around in the good old days? My uncle is a POW- he doesn’t need alcohol to know where he has been, my cousin is a Vietnam vet- he doesn’t abuse alcohol either- so what’s your agenda Mr Mel Olson? What’s the point bubba? You’re just looking for an excuse to promote your own agenda-Olson !!!!!!!!

  4. what the heck is the difference if they buy an 18 pack and get drunk or a bottle of merlot, or a bottle of southern comfort? its stupid. allow it 7 days a week. helps the economy.

  5. Heck yes, raise a toast on Memorial Day, Christmas, my birthday, your birthday, and even on Sunday. Alcohol is legal; let’s start treating it as such. What can you possibly accomplish by banning it on certain days? It’s a joke, it’s ridiculous, and I can’t believe it’s even an issue. The limits on licenses are equally offensive.

  6. Maybe those who want a drink on Memorial Day should just stock up a day or so ahead of time. I agree with “not a toast” – probably excluding the “bubba” thing. Please don’t make it a military thing. The veterans don’t deserve to be the “reason” to have more alcohol available. Give them more credit than that. Clearly, some people just seem to have to booze it up 7 days a week. Bad idea. But, plan ahead if you must. It would be nice if people could just enjoy a few days a year with their families and friends without a cooler of beer. It’s not a good message we’re sending to our kids.

  7. just go outside and open your mouth and stand there- drown your sorrows in the rain

  8. not to Lou Sebert he wants to destroy our trees at the Lake- we’ve had enough of you in Mitchell Lou- we will retire you next election.

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