Herseth Sandlin, hubby under GOP fire

In their continuing effort to tag Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, D-S.D., an out-of-touch incumbent caught up in the Washington world, Republicans took another shot at her and her husband, former Texas Congressman Max Sandlin, Monday.

Here’s their latest e-mail blast:

"Senate records show that Max Sandlin and his firm were paid $160,000 in 2009 by Baptist Health Care to lobby on its behalf, including for an “increase in [the] new market tax credit” in a Democratic-backed stimulus package that Herseth Sandlin ultimately voted for.

The National Association of Broadcasters paid Sandlin and his firm $320,000 over the past two years to lobby on a variety of issues, including a bill co-sponsored by his wife, the Local Radio Freedom Act.

And Advance Auto Parts employed Sandlin and his firm last year to lobby on the Employee Free Choice Act, legislation co-sponsored by Herseth Sandlin. The contentious “card check” bill, which would make it easier for workers to unionize, is a top target of manufacturers and others in the business community.

Republicans say Herseth Sandlin’s committee assignments make it difficult for her to avoid conflicts of interest. She is member of the Agriculture, Natural Resources, Veterans’ Affairs and Energy Independence and Global Warming panels, which have broad jurisdiction over many of her husband’s clients.

“I would call it sleazy,” Public Citizen lobbyist Craig Holman said."

Is Max Sandlin fair game? Is this too far? Or is is just an example of what we have in store in the next three-plus months?


13 thoughts on “Herseth Sandlin, hubby under GOP fire

  1. Well, since he’s signing fundraising letters for her, according to the Argus Leader….

    ……Max Sandlin already had jumped into the battle by sending out a fundraising letter on behalf of his wife. The letter, dated June 1, was sent before Kristi Noem had secured the Republican nomination by beating out two others in the June 8 primary. In the letter, Sandlin, a former congressman from Texas, said he knows what it’s like “to be targeted by the far right.” His wife, he added, puts “policy ahead of partisan politics” and the interests of South Dakota first.

    The letter describes Blake Curd as the “darling of the Tea Party circuit,” Chris Nelson as a “birther” – one of those curious persons who thinks Barack Obama was born on Neptune, thus disqualifying him to serve as president and maybe making him an illegal immigrant to boot – and Kristi Noem as “South Dakota’s Sarah Palin.”

    It’s hard for Democrats to complain about trash-talking when “Mad Max” Sandlin started it back on June 1 when the letter went out.

  2. There was a WWF wrestling character named Jimmy ‘Mouth of the South’ Hart. He didn’t fight, he managed big names like King Kong Bundy. But Jimmy always ran his mouth and ended up getting beat up and tossed around by the decent, crowd-pleasing wrestlers, like Hulk Hogan.

    Compare Jimmy Hart to Max Sandlin, King Kong Bundy to Stephanie and the Hulkster to Kristie.

    The moral to this? If you are near the ring, you’re going to get hit.

  3. I forget, but wasn’t John Thune a lobbyist before he was voted to the Senate.

  4. And Daschle’s wife. They nearly all do the lobbyist thing it seems. It stinks for both parties.

  5. Wow. This is a problem. Having to vote for something one’s husband is lobbying? That puts Steph in a pickle. Right? Wrong? Money? How can she remain nutral?

  6. While I’m definitely a SHS fan and admire her voting record, I must admit that I’ve never cared for this. Can’t Max find SOMEthing else to do in the private sector? Wasn’t he a judge at one time?

  7. Powers, at many times and in other places, has again stated the obvious.

    Politics is a rough business, indeed.

    As an independent assessing the US House race, I’m looking for a little more than “they started it first!”

    Being on the sidelines and looking at the two leading candidates, I believe I’m somewhat well informed about both of them – perceived warts and all, but I’d like to learn more about their nuanced positions as well as those of the independent candidate. Maybe the CP Congressional Debate should be three hours with all three candidates. Televise and re-air it on SDPTV. People could come and go. But nobody would have an excuse to not getting to know their future representative without having to go through the various filters of paid media, bloggers, etc.

  8. Sadly, as much as I like SHS even if she can votes dakotan… we need to tip the balance to remove Pelosi from the helm of the house. Minority leader would be so much damaging then Majority leader. Sorry Stephanie… you could swith parties and keep my vote I guess.

  9. I can’t wait until Republicans take the House of Reps back again. Then we can get back to the good old days of rampant crime and corruption in congress.

  10. Pelosi is not an issue – it is the distortion and lies of the republican right wing elements that contribute to this mess. Remember republicans think that trees cause polution!!! Ronald Regan said so and Lou Sebert believes it !!

  11. Poor Lou gets blamed for everything! Come on people. This is rediculous! I guess we need to stop letting middle schoolers blog!

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