Noem enjoys a tea party, Democrats claim

While Republican politicians across the country ponder how to deal with tea party support, the South Dakota Democratic Party is trying hard pin that label on state Rep. Kristi Noem, who is running against Democratic incumbent Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin.

Here’s their latest broadside:

"It’s been seven days of silence from State Representative Kristi Noem on the question of whether she’d join the Congressional Tea Party caucus started by Rep. Michele Bachmann. While Noem hasn’t been able to find the time to give South Dakotans the answer they deserve, she was able to make time to fly to Washington, DC for two days to court donations from wealthy donors and special interest groups at the Capitol Hill Club.

“Perhaps Kristi Noem is avoiding answering this question until she could travel to DC and secure campaign contributions from Michele Bachmann and other members of the Tea Party Caucus,” Executive Director of the South Dakota Democratic Party Erin McCarrick said. "Noem likes to rail against Washington, but refusing to give a straight answer to a simple question, and then jetting off to the Capitol Hill Club to raise special interest dollars, she looks like just another typical politician."

Fair? Or another example of partisan politics at work?

Does Noem like tea, and we’re not referring to growing town south of Sioux Falls?

Or is she a South Dakota woman who embraces our traditional weak coffee and small-town values?



5 thoughts on “Noem enjoys a tea party, Democrats claim

  1. I’d say the values of South Dakotans align more with the tea party ideals then naught.

  2. I think Noem likes tea very, very much. But she’ll take their money and decide later (depending on polling) whether she tell us how much she likes tea…

    If the numbers are right, again, depending on the polling, she might invite Bachmann and Palin over for some tea.

  3. Tom — Will the Republic run the video on the debates? If not, do you know whether SDPB has any plans? Thanks.

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