Icy sign of global warming?

Two pounds of ice, packed into a hard ball, landed on Les Scott’s yard Friday. Scott scooped it up, along with two smaller but still impressive hailstones, and put them in the refrigerator freezer in his old house in the tiny town of Vivian in north-central South Dakota.

Records indicate June 2010 was the hottest June ever recorded on the planet. Here in Mitchell, we’ve seen massive rainstorms, flooding, intense heat and mighty winds that toppled dozens of trees in town.

Typical South Dakota summer or a sign that climate change is a reality and we will see wild weather from now on?

16 thoughts on “Icy sign of global warming?

  1. Satellite records don’t indicate it was the hottest june on record.

    Surface temp records indicate it because they’ve deleted 2/3 of the temp stations mostly in cooler places over the last 30 years. surfacestation.org

  2. “Wild weather” I think it’s nice to not have a windy dry dust bowl for a yard. If our norms are 30″ of rain a year instead of 17-18″ GREAT!

    People will adapt. Problems will be solved when they are need to be and when they are fully understood… not now because of emotional panic.

    What’s the story on your claim of June being the hottest ever? I read that the newer weather monitors have been built much nearer the hotter urban areas thus affecting the comparison to the past. How about researching that for confirmation or denial?

  3. The record books and the trends bear out the fact that global warming is occurring. The only question is what the primary cause? Whatever the cause, there are a number of things we can do to mitigate the problem. But many choose to ignore this out of ignorance or greed.

  4. mayor thinks trees cause pollution- nresult save the north harmon trees- sell Lou Sebert to the nearest town.

  5. I am not a big Lou fan BUT, he never once advocated cutting down the trees on Harmon. Get off the lies and stick to the facts. Same with the slams against Jerry. All he has done is make a new Mitchell Christian possible and built a convention center without ripping off the taxpayers like the Holiday Inn/Ramada owners tried to do. He has put his checkbook on the line and risked his good name to do a lot of good things unlike 99.9% of the bashers on these blogs.

  6. I went to “surfacestation.org” Looks like it’s an internet domain for sale?

  7. Even some hard-core Republicans are starting to come around and believe scientists who are saying that global warming is real Global warming, however, is a process that evolves slowly over time and not something that happens overnight.

    I’m not saying cap and trade or anything like that is the solution, I’m just saying global warming is real whether it is man made or just occurring naturally.

  8. Thanks Factor Fan. I, too am tired of the bashing of people who are honestly trying to make Mitchell a better place to live. Jealousy is a very dangerous, harmful thing. It’s poison.

  9. Global warming is a hoax. Haven’t you been following the rantings of Fixed News, the Tea Party, and Senator Inhofe from Oklahomo? Once you brush aside all those distractions like “science” and such, it becomes clear.

  10. republicans are to blame for global warming- denial is an act of defiance

  11. Come on, I think you are confusing weather and climate. There’s a difference.

  12. Reference the first post on this thread [dan on 7/29, 7:55am]

    Sentence 1: NB Satellite data does not record temperature data at surface. Satellite IR data estimates temperatures of cloud temperatures.

    Sentence 2: Not true. There are more weather stations than previously, including automated surface sensors. surfacestation.org is NOT a site for weather databases — it may have been at one time, but it’s not now. The assertion that 2/3 of weather reporting sites have been deleted is not true. If Dan is talking about sites in another country, I’d be interested to know what country he is referring to.

    I can only conclude that this misinformation was motivated by trying to discredit climate change when the data to the contrary is overwhelming.

    One is entitled to their opinion as to the causes of global warming, but not to their own made-up facts.

  13. well since you closed one blog in fear? Daily- then I propose the following- drain alke Mitchell, cut down all the trees and then we will see how precious that property art the Lake is worth to the tree fighters? The only place global warming does not exsist is the property just to the east of the public beach- oh don’t put that in there Daily -you might have to shut down this blog too. We don’t want to offend King Louie?

  14. The Daily Republic keeps five blogs open at all times. We try to add a new topic daily.
    Blogs are only closed if there is no interest or posts or if it’s time for a new one to be added.
    So thanks for asking, although the tone was disappointing. This is not a fear-based process.
    I am sure all politicians mentioned here get bashed more often than praised, so I think they’re used to it. Let’s try to be civil, clever and smart, folks.

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