How high’s the water?

Weather continues to be a major story in southeast South Dakota. According to the National Weather Service, Thursday night’s storm means this is the wettest July on record in Mitchell.

The forecast calls for rain on and off for the next two weeks. There a lot of reasons, but basically it’s a soggy summer.

This will mean flooding along the James River, Firesteel Creek and Lake Mitchell this weekend. We will see crests Sunday morning as some of the rain that fell north of Mitchell flows here.

Got your short pants, hip waders and boots handy? Tied up the boat on the lake? Sump pump handy? Here it comes … again. 

3 thoughts on “How high’s the water?

  1. new parks and rec guy says the high winds blew out the mosquitos- well do you see that? it’s worse than ever- maybe Sebert is too cheap and is trying to find an excuse for not doing his job. Well he now has a sidekick- a yes man by his side. Spray the mosquitos, save the Harmon drive trees, impeach Lou.

  2. With all the moisture this year, spraying for mosquitos will do no good. I live in a town that sprays every week and we still have a lot of mosquitos. They quit spraying this year because it was a waste of money with it raining every week. Not everything is Lou’s fault – he can not control the weather!!!!

  3. This isn’t exactly a flood comment…but has anybody else noted the big, black/white striped mosquitoes that have shown up lately?

    Never seen this particular bug before. I’m no entomologist but they look like Asian tiger mosquitoes. What is troublesome is their size, general scary look, and the fact a short “Google” shows they are disease vectors for West Nile, Dengue fever, and yellow fever.

    Do we still have a state entomologist [What ever happened to Ben Kantack]? Be nice to know if we should slap the big black and white devils like crazy…or just treat them like any other nuisance.

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