House race gains more attention

There’s more national focus on the South Dakota House race between Rep. Stephanie Herseth, the Democratic incumbent, and state Rep. Kristi Noem, her Republican challenger.

This piece by Stuart Rothenberg of the CG-Roll Call Group, the corporate head of publications including the venerated Congressional Quarterly and the political newspaper Roll Call, looks at three Democrats who may struggle to win re-election in November. Herseth Sandlin is one of them.

The race, with the unique angle of two women running against each other, will assuredly continue to gain attention from outside our borders. Part of the reason is because it’s viewed as "the ‘hottest’ race of the year," Rothenberg writes while admitting the politically incorrect nature of such a comment.

I don’t remember anyone commenting on George McGovern and Jim Abdnor’s wholesome looks and South Dakota-ish wardrobes in their 1980 Senate race. In case you don’t remember that one, the three-term Democratic incumbent, McGovern. was unseated by the Republican challenger Abdnor in a year marked by a tidal wave of GOP success.

Here’s Rothenberg’s column:

23 thoughts on “House race gains more attention

  1. you closed the blog- well blog on you- maybe your mayor Louie has water in his yard at the Lake? Global warming- not denial

  2. There may be more interest, too, since Dakotafest, unlike the Daily Republic, has now invited B. Thomas Marking, the independent candidate, to participate in a joint appearance with the two other candidates for U.S. House on August 17.

    Emery Tschetter of SDSU, the coordinator of the Dakotafest forum, was very happy to invite Mr. Marking in our phone conversation yesterday, Tuesday the 3rd.

    Publisher Wenzel – are you rethinking your position on the Daily Republic/Corn Palace Festival candidate forum?

  3. Will President Obama or Speaker Pelosi be coming to South Dakota to campaign on behalf of their parties local representative Mrs. Sandlin?

  4. Will Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, or Andrew Breitbart be coming to SD to campaign for Mrs. Noem?

  5. Very good question, Mr. Taylor. Inquiring minds want to know…

    On the other hand, one wonders whether the City of Mitchell is rethinking its co-sponsorship of this forum if all the certified candidates are not allowed to participate?

    If the International Association of Widget Manufacturers want to sponsor a forum and for whatever reason (don’t like a particular candidate, want to suppress voter interest) then that’s their business, but when the government teams up with a newspaper and effectively blocks a bona fide candidate, then that’s altogether different.

    And unforgivable in a democratic society.

  6. Michelle Bachmann is a US Representative from Minnesota and claims to be the leader of the Tea Party. She is wacky and out there.

  7. Good one, observer. Doubt if Breitbart will do any direct campaigning. Perhaps, he’ll cover the House race by doing an objective documentary for Fox or his award-winning blog.

  8. observer… Even if Michelle Bachmann were as inept as Obama and Pelosi I don’t think she would control the puppet strings over Noam as much as Obama and Pelosi do SHS. The fact remains that a vote for SHS is support for the current Obama/Pelosi/Reid Regime. SHS is one of the better Democrats but that does not change the fact that she is good paint on a rotten house. I have kids… how much more largess reckless spending can we afford to burden them with. If we have to grow government… the last place we want it done is at the federal level. Don’t give me the typical weak “but Bush!” reply either… as bad as his admin was this is much MUCH worse.

    SHS and her supporters main goal is to distance her from the Dems in power. Why believe that when you know that a vote for Noam insures the message is heard?

  9. As much as I *do not* not want to vote for Rep. Herseth Sandlin, the House GOP leadership(the calmest and sanest of that bunch, a truth which should give all of us pause)has given every indication that if they regain control, it will be the 90s all over again: government shut-downs, endless fake scandals, you name it. SD Dems are in a pickle.

    But, of course, this is government: nobody gets to eat their cake and have it. Progress on any issue is rarely possible without compromises, poison pills, procedural shenanigans, etc.

    “Tolerate the lesser evil”–how’s that for a catchy SHS campaign slogan!

    (portentious captcha: Elenor Nancy)

  10. Afros Legislation

    No joke: I just refreshed my browser screen, and these were the new captcha words. Surely a favorable omen for November!

  11. If a vote for SHS is a vote for Pelosi, maybe “b” (8:41 pm post) could explain the health care vote? What scares a lot of people is what a vote for Noem would mean… After all, do date, there haven’t been many specifics from the Noem campaign, but, curiously, we’ve learned that Noem thinks herself as “more of a Herseth Sandlin than Herseth Sandlin.” If that’s the case, I think most South Dakotans will go with the original.

  12. thune ran against Daschle claiming him to be an obstructionist- now he plays that role well when another party is in the White House. So where is the non-partisanship of Noem ? – she will not be independent- she will be just like Thune an obstructionist- I’d rather see a team palyer in the House representing us- who doesn’t always play the party line and Stephanie does a good job-Noem’s last play was a grab for headlines attacking the “franking privledge”- well any time you correspond with DC- they get this privledge- so how would Noem interact with the voters? maybe in her case it is not necessary if she is merely a party hack for the Thune clan !!!

  13. -?- misses Noem’s point in comparing herself the Sandlin that Sandlin says she is. The point is that Sandlin is misleading South Dakotans. Easy point to miss but that probably explains why Sandlin is in office anyway.

  14. Sure hope the campaign evolves into more than “the other side started it,” “did so; did not,” and “I’m going put an end to franking privileges!” or else we’re going to look petty and petulant before the national media.

    We deserve better.

  15. The last several comments inspire me to ask the posters unhappy with either candidate to look towards the top of the string and consider B. Thomas Marking – the independent candidate.

  16. They didn’t need SHS’s health care vote, did they? I don’t know anything about Noem. I will have a hard time with this one. I’m not a big SHS fan, but I would hesitate voting for someone I have never heard of just because she is running against Stephanie. Difficult.

  17. Well said, Mr. Taylor, & others. Has Wenzel reconsidered his decision about allowing Marking a chance to debate during CP week? After all, he’s on the ballot and there’s obviously a lot of people trying to suss this all out. Shouldn’t the paper help in this process? Isn’t this in the public interest?

  18. No, I haven’t reconsidered.

    However, I’m glad Marking is being invited to other forums. That gives people around here a chance to hear him. We’ll cover the Dakotafest forum and his points of view will be included in that coverage.

    I’ve met B.T. twice now and I — we — have nothing against him, as shown by the front-page, two-story spread we gave him to tell his points of view a week or two ago.

    And if he holds an event in Mitchell Aug. 28 as he is planning, I bet we give him some pre-event coverage and also cover the event. That’s more than we did for the Constitution and Libertian candidates who we didn’t invite to The Daily Republic’s governor’s debate at the State Fair four years ago. That decision also drew controversy, but it was a great debate.

    As I’ve said in the paper, we only get an hour with the House candidates. That equates to about seven or eight questions. Add another candidate and his answers (and opening and closing statements) greatly reduce the time we have to ask questions.

    I thought I’d drop in and explain a few things. I’m glad everyone’s talking about the debate.


  19. As the primary media outlet for the region, I certainly hope the Daily Republic Editorial Board reconsiders its position regarding the upcoming Daily Republic-Corn Palace candidate forum and include all three candidates in the US House race in the debate. This is a great tradition and a very worthy public service. Co-sponsoring this event with the Corn Palace is certainly to be commended, but I feel this brings with it some critical responsibilities that another type of organization or trade group may not necessarily have. That a bona fide candidate is not allowed to participate in such a forum is at once a disservice to the candidates, the electoral process, and the voting public.

    When the Daily Republic sees a government body conducting business while excluding the public, it rightly objects, citing the open meetings law and
    the public’s right to know. The public in this instance is faced with the Fourth Estate and the community limiting an opportunity for it to witness the three candidates together and make its collective informed decision, and it too, should object.

    It matters not that some public opinion poll ranks the candidates a certain way in July. Polls may or may not be accurate. At any rate, the poll that ultimately matters won’t be conducted until the election. That’s the point of having a campaign, All three are on the ballot and all three deserved to be heard. Just as important, the public needs to hear them — especially in these polarized times.

    Appreciating that time constraints are affecting the moderator from posing his anticipated seven to eight questions, I offer this suggestion that I believe will benefit everyone:

    Invite the independent candidate to participate.

    Notify the two other candidates. Simultaneously fax four – five questions to these candidates and publish their unedited answers on the August 27th edition of the paper.

    At the forum, pose three or four questions, perhaps ag or energy related so there can be a more indepth exchange among them. If any candidate wants to respond or amplify about what the candidate said in the paper, they certainly could do that in their closing remarks.

    I think you’ll find that this would allow for more thorough coverage and a more comprehensive debate that will help the moderator deal with the time limits while serving the public interest.

    Thanks for hearing me out. Good luck with the upcoming forum which will hopefully allow a full and fair interaction among all the candidates.

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