Rounds about done … or not?

Gov. Mike Rounds came to The Daily Republic to talk about battling the budget, working with the Legislature and his future in business and politics.

As he told us, he hasn’t close any doors and will "never say never."

What is his future? A race for the House, the Senate or a return to the governor’s office? 

Here’s a look at our visit with the state’s 31st governor:

And there’s more to come this weekend.

3 thoughts on “Rounds about done … or not?

  1. Seems like politicians never say never, except, of course when they say “never say never.”

    Some pols are clever even when they sever.
    Governor Rounds…forever, but Alaska’s Palin…

  2. Palin Derangement Syndrome

    You have it bad… why introduce your obsessions in a thread about Gov Rounds?

    As far as Rounds He did a pretty good job. Lesss in your face then the previous governator but still seemed to get the job done. He did grow the state government a bit more then average though.

  3. budget deficits, secret spending accounts, inaccessability to government by “joe citizen”- the good old boys club- nothing changes when nothing changes just keep voting like grnadpa and grandma did and you’ll get their solutions.

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