Are we going Gaga?

Is the country headed downhill like a handcart headed for, well, you know?

Some people think so. Of course, that has been the case for decades. But New York Times columnist Bob Herbert uses some stats to make a sharp point on our intellectual decline:

“We read less and less and write like barbarians. We’ve increasingly turned our backs on the very idea of hard-won excellence while flinging open the doors to decadence and decline. No wonder Lady Gaga and Snooki from “Jersey Shore” are cultural heroes.”

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9 thoughts on “Are we going Gaga?

  1. have you forgotten a political one- Sarah Pallin? “Gee I can see Russia from my house. Maybe Christy Noem can say when she reaches Congress, “Gee I can see North Dakota from my house.” Another coyote Barbie

  2. We did elect a president based on the color of his skin did’t we? He certainly wasn’t elected for his experience. At least Palin has a realistic idea of how government is supposed to work. Lets discuss obamas policy on the economy. He has been able to do everything the Dems have wanted for two years. He owns the worsening economy now. There is no more room to blame bush. His policy is killing us. He may be the first black president, but that is all he will be remembered for other than being the worst president we have ever had. Rest assured, robin hood economics do not work. You must protect the people that pay the bills. Giving money to lazy, uneducated people with no initiative only pays the rent, the foood bill, for cigarettes and alcohol for the month. Tax breaks for those that create jobs is and always has been the answer. Give a man a fish and he will eat for the day, teach a man to fish and he can eat for the rest of his life. If Obama had done nothing, we would be out of this economic crisis and have an extra couple trillion dollars the government would not have to some day pay back. He needs to be stopped in November or we could lose our country.

  3. Methinks the 12:10 pm poster (allegedly Marilyn Maddow)has gone gaga while proving the premise of the question.

  4. I think we have lost some skills but have gained others. Multimedia, social interaction, access to information. Sure things are different then decades past but there are many new things that will define humans from now onward.

    Humans have to change and evolve. A great example is the current print media. If I were a paper journalist I’d either be planning my retirement or retraining to be the local Matt Drudge.

  5. since when do public assistance programs pay for alcohol and tobacco- man are you out of touch- maybe you should go to social services and visit with them, maybe you should go do duty at the food pantry, maybe you should go to the love feast and talk with the people. God fobid that one day you might suffer some tragedy that you have have to rely on social services for help. People like you make me sick- what kind fo giving ?? Christian church is that that you go to?? So much for judgemmentalism and mean spirited people.

  6. Sorry, I’m with Marilyn on this one. I don’t think Maddow is talking about those who frequent the food pantry or love feast. We ALL know who he/she is referring to.

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