Senators and social media

A recently released study ranks senators based on their skill with social media. The study is getting some media play, but it is also drawing some scorn, since it ranks Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain first, earning him the title “genius.”

This is the  same McCain who said in 2008 that he was unsure how to work a computer. So, make of this what you will.

Sen John Thune, R-S.D., ranked 13 and was labeled “gifted.” Sen. Tim Johnson, D-S.D., tied for 81 and was termed “challenged.”

Here’s the report and ranking:

3 thoughts on “Senators and social media

  1. I would prefer my senator to be a genius, or at least gifted, in economic policy, international relations, agricultural issues, or something more appropriate to governing than “social media.”

  2. That ranking is not really fair to Johnson. To rank does not take into account the social media skills of Johnsons aides who because of his medical issues share a role in his senate far beyond the norm. I’d say he should be ranked as high or higher then Thune because of the team approach.

  3. Not fair to Johnson?? If he can’t do his job and his staff is then THAT is unfair to us!!

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