Changes to debate schedule

Some things have come up. Here’s a story that will be in tomorrow’s Daily Republic.

Schedule for Saturday Palace debates finalized

By The Daily Republic

Two candidates for South Dakota secretary of state and a front-burner controversy about statewide smoking have been added to a debate this weekend sponsored by The Daily Republic.

The Daily Republic-Corn Palace Festival Debate originally was to include gubernatorial candidates Scott Heidepriem and Dennis Daugaard debating at 11 a.m. Saturday at the Corn Palace, followed by U.S. House candidates Kristi Noem and Stephanie Herseth Sandlin.

The U.S. House debate will go on as planned, but the gubernatorial debate was canceled late Wednesday afternoon when Daugaard announced he cannot attend due to the funeral of a close friend.

Thursday morning, The Daily Republic announced on its website that secretary of state candidates Ben Nesselhuf and Jason Gant have been added to the bill. Late Thursday afternoon, it was announced that a debate focusing on Referred Law 12 — which could prohibit smoking in certain places, such as restaurants and bars — also has been added.

The final, revised schedule now includes:

11 a.m.: Jennifer Stalley of the American Cancer Society and Don Rose, a spokesman for a group called Citizens for Individual Freedom.

Stalley is from Pierre and Rose is from Sioux Falls. They will debate Referred Law 12, which is on South Dakota’s November ballot.

11:30 a.m.: Secretary of state candidates Nesselhuf and Gant.

Gant is a Republican from Sioux Falls and Nesselhuf is a Democrat from Vermillion. Also in the race is Constitution Party candidate Lori Stacey, of Sioux Falls. The Daily Republic did not extend an invitation to Stacey.

“This is an important office and an important election,” said Nesselhuf. “This is a great opportunity to discuss important matters. I know Jason from our time in the state Senate and look forward to having a productive and positive discussion on the issues facing this office.”

“I am very excited for the opportunity to discuss the importance of this year’s secretary of state race,” Gant said. “There are many differences between my opponent and I. I plan to emphasize my position of cracking down on voter fraud by ensuring state policies are not weakened and the integrity of our election system is not damaged.”

Noon-1 p.m.: U.S. House candidates Stephanie Herseth Sandlin and Kristi Noem.

Noem is a Republican who has served in the South Dakota Legislature. Herseth Sandlin is the Democrat incumbent.

The debates are free to the public. For those who cannot attend, the debates will be broadcast live on The Daily Republic’s website,

4 thoughts on “Changes to debate schedule

  1. The election is getting closer. In addition to all the serious issues, KELO recently revealed some – shall we say- racy news about Noem with potential implications about how her legal scrapes might reflect on her character and values – (since SHS posing with her son in a campaign ad is worthy of inclusion here for presumably the same reasons!) There are also reminders here about the Corn Palace debates held yesterday.

    I thought I would check in since there were technical problems that prevented me from seeing the entire event…. I wondered what I missed and what the response was from others who attended in person… So here I am a day later and there are NO comments. Perhaps they are still being moderated. But when printed letters to the editor become more timely than a blog. the blog has a problem. And if there are no comments, the problem is bigger.

    There are other places to participate in discussions, but I enjoyed this local site – especially the respectful give and take from people with different ideologies, because it reminds all of usl that people who think differently than us still think!. The less respectful give and take was , hmmm, an interesting window into a world I usually only see professionally..

    If the excellent debates Saturday, with what I thought were good, tough questions in which failure to answer resulted in being called out and asked again – fail to generate any interest here, I am disappointed but not surprised. I have been critical of past topics that seemed to have little if anything to comment on. I have wondered why some topics have been left up for days or weeks when there has been no interest in them, rather than moving on. I have wished that potentially more interesting issues would be put up to discuss. I thought the moderation decision which delayed publishing posts rather than deleting inappropriate content was a setback because it eliminated realtime participation, but I continued to lurk and occasionally comment. I know that Seth is busy with his new responsibilities. Congratulations. Thank you to the DR for sponsoring and streaming the debates and other events. But the RI has become a ghostblog. I wonder if it can be fixed.

    • welll said pasque. We may not agree on much but you hit the nail on the head. Part of the problelm is how difficult and frustrating it is for me to jump through all the fields just to post and then have it not be able to go through due to a missed field or odd error. It wastes my already limited time so why bother to try.

    • I too agree with soldier boy and Pasque re: new blog style. It’s tedious and restrictive, unfriendly. I have always read the RI and occasionally responded. Granted, some of the entries were childish but it kept a good exhange of opinions in motion. The one GOOD thing about this new method is the bar is raised in a manner that seems to intimidate those who love to sling epithets with a keystroke. For that I’m grateful.

  2. The debates went over well. A little bit (and sometimes more) of snipping occurred during all three debates, which makes for a more watchable event. And yes, pasque, a debate that holds the candidates accountable for their answers is much better to watch than all of the “forums” that are held under the title of “debate.”

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