About those tickets …

Do you care how many traffic citations state Rep. Kristi Noem has racked up in the last 21 years?

The South Dakota Democratic Party and Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin sure hope you do. The SD Dems have created a website to poke some fun at Noem.

We’re sure to hear and read more about her driving record and I would guess other surprises will pop up as the campaign heats up and both sides dig for dirt on each other.

Here’s the site:


4 thoughts on “About those tickets …

  1. It DOES matter. Think about just a few years ago when Bill Janklow killed a man because he didn’t choose to stop at a stop sign when he was driving at around 70 mph in a 55 mph zone. We didn’t ‘care’ about his three previous accidents and twelve speeding violations when we elected him, and because we didn’t show we cared, he kept up with his reckless behavior while representing the people of this state–and killed a man.

    Yes, people are human and make mistakes, but if you are sorry, you do what you can to not make that mistake again. If you earn multiple traffic violations over a short period of time, you are not learning from your mistakes. I don’t want that kind of lawmaker.

  2. I dont care how many traffic citations Noem has. I DO care what she has been cited for. And what she does after she is cited. ( And now, what she is doing to distract voters from her actions after they have become widely known.)

    Since I have received both of my tickets over the past 20 years for driving 6-7 mph over the limit on clear dry days with sparse highway traffic, I can absolutely understand that anyone can get a ticket or two. Driving 94mph does seem extreme however.

    And so does running stop signs. Even if there is never anyone there…. .Because a few years ago this month Randy Scott was there when another politician notorious for his lead foot felt it was OK to ignore the stop . That someone had to die in order to bring the seriousness of Janklow’s blatant disregard of the law to light is, of course, a tragedy., It is a tragedy that has not happened to Noem – yet.

    But of course, it is the same blatant disregard of the law that explains Noems arrest warrants and failures to appear (both plural). She might have forgotten – once. To continue to forget after additional offenses stretches credibility. And although even that seems to be OK with many SDakotans for a none-too-bright but pleasant enough average Jo from the community, it bothers me when this is the behavior of a candidate seeking to represent me as a law-maker in Congress.

    And now, she has started trying to distract the issue; not by admitting that she was just plain wrong, but by doing what grade school children do when they get caught – whining that everyone else does it too. And everyone includes SHSs Dad! Grow up Kristi.

  3. I was stunned when I first heard of those tickets/citations. Couldn’t believe it. And I can’t believe that some people seem to just shrug it off. Don’t know yet if it’ll affect my vote, but I sure don’t think it’s silly.

  4. Sadly, Noem will not admit to her avoiding court dates. Too much arrogance and the Queen of Speed is over the limit and above the law. Who does she think she is? Someone special?

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