Street, sidewalks and bike paths

Mitchell remains a busy place for construction firms.

The city has been installing sidewalks and working on streets all summer. On Monday, work will begin on North Ohman Street, where storm sewers and curb and gutter will installed in preparation for extending the bike path.

Work is expected to be completed this fall on a 20-block project to improve Minnesota Street. The often-patched street is a main drag in town and badly in need of work, according to Public Works Director Tim McGannon.

The project was planned for last summer but changes mandated by the federal and state governments pushed it back.

Meanwhile, the sidewalks of Mitchell grow in number and length. As we saw last week, some residents aren’t too happy. Some of them held an emotional, at-times outspoken meeting with city officials.

But the Sidewalk Committee and City Council are determined to move ahead and install more sidewalks in Mitchell.

Is all this a good thing for the city? Too expensive? Not needed? Or merely progress?

5 thoughts on “Street, sidewalks and bike paths

  1. some residents need to learn that they aren’t the only ones using their walkways. Since I do deliveries I use your sidewalks and no excuses for last winter but it got very difficult to get around when residents don’t shovel their snow !! I always went out to shovel the walkways when I lived near the downtown area – before snowblowers or lazy residents that simply blade them out and leave snow obstacles. Don’t worry this year I won’t be so lenient- I will report you non-shovelers to city hall I’m sick and tired of excuses.

  2. I really don’t understand the bike path system here in town. It’s seems to be a hodge podge of path. At one point you are on a path and soon you are riding down a city street and have to kind of guess where the beginning of the next path is. One continuous path would be great!!!

  3. What about the lack of cross walks? There used to be one across 3rd and Sanborn to the library before 3rd was re-done. Why not one accross Sanborn between Zesto and Subway? I have not lived here long but I am sure residents could provide more examples. This is NOT a safe community for crossing streets.

  4. I personally think the whole bike path system is a joke and a waste of money. For myself or my husband to use any of the bike paths we have to drive across town. Plus I only have seen a handful of people using the bike paths over the years. Most people utilize the city streets or sidewalks. I think the money could be better used to improve lake Mitchell and downtown.

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