DWU launches polling tonight

Dakota Wesleyan University students will start polling South Dakotans tonight.

The pollsters, who are students in a public policy communications class, will ask voters’ preference on the secretary of state, state auditor, state treasurer, attorney general and Public Utilities Commission races.

Don Simmons, director of the George and Eleanor McGovern Library and Center for Leadership and Public Service., teaches the class. He said the students chose the races and issues to poll on.

Simmons said they decided not to poll on the U.S. House or the governor’s race since other surveys are focusing on those contests.

They will also ask four policy questions:

How do South Dakotans judge President Obama’s job performance?

How do they judge Congress’s job performance?

What do they know of the proposed Arizona law on illegal immigrants and should such a law be passed in South Dakota?

Should same-sex couples be allowed to marry or joined in civil unions?

Polling will be done from 6-9 p.m. in both the Central and Mountain time zones, Simmons said, and will be conducted Monday through Thursday. It will end in early October, he said, and results will be released after they are compiled.