Trapped in an elevator … with Dusty Johnson

Ever been trapped in an elevator with a chatty passenger?

It can be unbearable, even for a flight or two. As soon as the door opens, we bolt for our destination.

Now imagine the other person, who really, really, wants to talks to you is a politician seeking your vote. You might go through the roof. Literally.

Public Utilities Commissioners Dusty Johnson knows how people feel about temporary traveling companions but he turned it on its head. Johnson’s new ad promoting his campaign for a second term is flat-out funny while also making his case for re-election.

Here’s the 30-second ad:

2 thoughts on “Trapped in an elevator … with Dusty Johnson

    • I wish the ad had ended with the camera viewpoint shaking back and forth in a self depreciating manner for Rusty. Still a good ad as my wife and I both watched and commented on it.

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