Noem: ‘Sorry, Nancy’

Krisit Noem is riding, ranching and running. For office, that is.

The state representative from Castlewood and Republican nominee for South Dakota’s lone House seat has released her second campaign commercial of the general election. It shows Noem on horseback and in other rural scenes while she talks about her goals in Washington.

And has been her custom during the campaign, Noem calls out Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the liberal Democrat from San Francisco whom the GOP has tried hard to link to South Dakota Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin. Noem said if she is elected, her first vote won’t be to re-elect Pelosi as speaker. “Sorry, Nancy,” she says.

That’s also the name of the ad. Here it is:

4 thoughts on “Noem: ‘Sorry, Nancy’

  1. If she is running against Pelosi then she joins Herseth Sandlin. I found it interesting that in a recent Sandlin ad that she says she will continue to “Fight Nancy Pelosi” in Washington. I found that statement interesting. It does not take too smart a SD voter to realize that a much surer way of stopping pelosi would be to remove the Democratic majority in the house. Sorry Steph… but sacrafices must be made to change course in Washington. You could always switch to an independant or become a republican and get my vote.

  2. Is Noem running against Pelosi?

    Seriously though, Noem is only good at regurgitating her party’s talking points. She has no original thoughts, cannot debate the issues, and only clouds the race by saying she would vote against Pelosi. It’s disingenuous campaigning if you ask me.

  3. both kristi and stephanie have tv ads making it look as though they have understanding relationships with horses or at least that they like horses. yet unless they have changed their minds recently they both support horse slaughter. cannot vote for anyone who is that confused and confusing on an issue. makes you wonder what’s really going on with them regarding any issue, doesn’t it?

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