Noem trying to mislead voters on NRA’s endorsement?

There are some pretty serious allegations in the following news release from the Herseth Sandlin campaign. Check it out:


As Hunting Season Begins, Noem Tries to Dupe South Dakota Voters

October 13, 2010 – Kristi Noem is sending dishonest and outrageously false mailings to South Dakota voters, pretending that she received the NRA endorsement and trying to dupe South Dakotans into thinking Noem received a better rating from the NRA than Stephanie Herseth Sandlin.

The mailer features the NRA logo next to Noem’s name, and a badge that says “National Rifle Association F rating” next to Herseth Sandlin’s name.

In reality, Herseth Sandlin received an A rating and the endorsement from the NRA.  Herseth Sandlin has received an A rating and the NRA endorsement in every year that she has run for re-election.

Betsy Hart, deputy campaign manager for Stephanie for South Dakota said, “Noem is willfully misleading South Dakota voters, and that’s just wrong.  The NRA endorsed Stephanie in this race because of her proven commitment to protecting our Second Amendment rights.”

See Kristi Noem’s dishonest mailer here.

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  1. Looking at the mailer the only person listed next to the F rating is Nancy Pelosi. Seems pretty clear to me

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