Booze and politics

I teased Councilman Mel Olson after the political forum Tuesday night, asking him if he was going to have a drink with Mayor Lou Sebert.

The two city officials had just wrapped up a friendly but spirited discussion of proposed off-sale of hard liquor in Mitchell on Sunday. Olson, who loves to share witty comments (well, usually witty) at council meetings and other gatherings, had a quick retort.

“Only if we do it at his house,” he said with a smile.

Olson said while he thinks alcohol is over-promoted and glamorized in our culture, said he has been known to take a drink or two. Sebert admitted during the forum that he doesn’t mind having the taste of Crown Royal.

The men differed on Sunday off-sale of booze by the bottle, though, and offered their views on why it was good or bad for Mitchell. What’s your take? Any prediction on the outcome Tuesday?

One thought on “Booze and politics

  1. Mayor Lou thinks we have to be like everyone else in this society- thinking that commerce is hurt if only for one day we would not sell booze- well Mr Louie you are dead wrong- wrong about the Trees at the Lake, wrong about the events center and wrong about boozing. Mitchell does not have to be like others to preserve it’s unique character- after all Louie if you don’t like it here just go ahead and move to Sioux Falls and join the rat race.

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