Heidepriem: It’s a dead heat

After seeing so many polls showing Scott Heidepriem so far behind in the governor’s race, I’m naturally skeptical of this. But here it is, from a Heidepriem news release issued last night:

Heidepriem – Daugaard

In Statistical Dead Heat In

Independent Poll: 43 – 41

Sioux Falls – A new independent poll completed Thursday evening shows that in the South Dakota gubernatorial race Democrat Scott Heidepriem has pulled into a statistical dead heat against Republican Dennis Daugaard .

The three day track poll conducted by NB Polling, shows that Heidepriem has pulled to within 41-43 percent with 15 percent still undecided.   The two point margin is within the statistical margin of error meaning the race is a statistical dead heat.

The poll mirrors internal polls conducted by the Heidepriem campaign which have shown Heidepriem closing rapidly by converting undecided voters to his camp as well as peeling off “soft” Daugaard supporters.  It also comes on the heels of an overwhelming performance by Heidepriem in a statewide television debate Monday in which Heidepriem blistered Daugaard who comes across as unsure and uncomfortable in these joint appearances while Heidepriem scores big points with his vision, consistency and command of the issues.

“We are clearly peaking at the right time.  As people see our message, as people see the dramatic difference between Scott and our opponent and while people tire of the same old politics of entitlement in Pierre, they are moving into Scott’s column.  We are converting thousands of previously undecided voters to our camp while we continue to peel thousands of voters away from Mr. Daugaard.  We are positioning ourselves for a major upset on Tuesday,” Heidepriem campaign manager Steve Jarding said.

“It is very unfortunate that two major news organizations published poll numbers from a week old poll earlier in the week.  The numbers were old and wrong and they confused voters.  We cannot help that poor decision, but we are delighted that this new independent poll mirrors our own internal polling numbers,” Jarding said.

3 thoughts on “Heidepriem: It’s a dead heat

  1. Skeptical is right. When the smoke clears on Wednesday and the truth is revealed, it will be interesting to see how Heidepriem and Jarding account for themselves. I can’t wait to hear their post election spin.

  2. your recent Sat edition of a cartoon editorial leaves me to believe either you are ignorant of Native ways or just plain racist- how can you run such crapola in your newspaper- you make me sick?? ever heard of white racism bubba??

    • It’s the “Opinion” page, Ron. The person who drew the opinion cartoon is entitled to an opinion, just like you are.

      Besides, the cartoon was less a comment on American Indians than it was on fatty foods.

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