The great C-store war

And the battle continues …

For almost six months, three developers have been trying to open a convenience store on the corner of Foster Street and South First Avenue. They have been opposed in their efforts to add beer to their stock by a determined group of neighbors.

The owners, Greg Lyman, Robin Ackman and Doug Backlund, feel they need to sell beer to clear a profit. They at first attempted to change the zoning at the location  to Highway Business, which would allow them to sell beer on- and off-sale and let them open a casino.

That was met with fierce resistance and the Planning and Zoning Commission voted 5-1 to deny the change.

The developers tried another approach Monday, asking for a zoning change to Neighborhood Shopping, which allow them to sell beer off-sale. Once again the neighbors arose and protested and the planners voted 5-1 to deny the proposed change.

Lyman arose to defend himself and his partners and to question why there is such strident opposition. He also said he thinks Mitchell is anti-business and residents don’t like to see someone make a few dolalrs.

“I don’t know why, and so many people have told me, this town is so anti-business,” Lyman said. “All we ask is a fair shake to make our money back.”

The neighbors say they live in a quiet, residential area and don’t want the sale of alcohol to detract from that. They have also repeatedly espressed concern about the children who live and play in the neighborhood.

Do you agree with Lyman? Or is this simply a matter of a business in the wrong location?

Here’s today’s story on the ongoing great C-store war of 2010:

2 thoughts on “The great C-store war

  1. How does selling beer at a convenience store compromise the safety of children? There are strict laws in place that prohibit the sale of alcohol to minors. If the store does not comply to these laws, they lose their license. If the kids are in such grave danger, lets eliminate the sale of beer at all locations, not just this place. Give them a chance!

  2. …and the battle *will* continue until the important people get their way, Silly!

    Whether it’s an events center, trees at the lake, or unwanted alcohol sales in a residential neighborhood–no matter how many times one of these zombies is slain, it comes back.

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