Call me a cab. OK, you’re a cab

“Taxi” was a classic TV sitcom. The employees of the mythical Sunshine Cab Company created a memorable show that was named the best comedy show on TV three times by Emmy voters.

I am not sure how Mel Olson feels about the show. Olson loves to laugh and to make people laugh, so I’m guessing he watched it during its 1978-83 run in prime time or in the decades it has lived on in rerun heaven.

But an idea Olson spawned earlier this year came to fruition Monday night. The city of Mitchell will no longer license individual drivers for local cab companies, the council decided in a 7-0 vote.

Olson and his fellow elected officials were concerned about fairness in reviewing applications and reducing the city’s legal exposure. They felt that by sanctioning drivers, it could open the city up to a lawsuit if a driver misbehaves.

If Reverend Jim, Alex, Nardo, Bobby or Tony get jobs pushing hacks around Mitchell, they won’t have to jump through that hoop. Let’s hope there’s no dispatchers like Louie, however.

Most cabbies we’ve met over the years are friendly, helpful people who smell nice and drive well. Let’s hope that continues to be the case.

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