Green and not with envy

Montrose is a small town in McCook County much like small towns across South Dakota.

But today is Montrose’s day. The town, which has about 472 residents, according to the census, has long celebrated its Irish roots.  St. Patrick’s Day will be marked with pride there, as we report in a story in today’s paper.

There is a St. Patrick’s Church there and it’s a classic beauty, with impressive stained-glass windows, one of which has a shamrock in it. There’s shamrocks painted on Main Street and one on the logo of the local fire department. There’s also an Irish Pub downtown but it doesn’t sell beer, oddly enough, although you can get a green one today at the Office Bar next door.

Locals told us almost everyone in Montrose is Irish, either fully, in part or in heart. As someone who proudly claims a quarter of his blood is Celtic, it was an enjoyable story.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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