John Thune, er, “rested” here

There are dozens of homes and structures on the East Coast that proudly proclaim, “George Washington Slept Here.”

At least one home in Wagner can make a more modest statement: Sen. John Thune made, er, a rest stop here.

On Wednesday, Thune, R-S.D. shared a story of a restroom break he took in a Wagner home a few years back. He was in Wagner for a parade that day, he said, when nature called. There were no public facilities available and the parade was about to begin.

Someone directed him to a nearby house and told him the residents were proud Republicans who would be glad to offer Thune the use of their facilities. Thune said he went to the home, knocked on the door and made his request.

He said the resident who came to the door seemed a bit surprised but quickly let him into the house and allowed him to go about his business. Thune said when he left, the people in the home still seemed a tad stunned.

When he returned to the parade line-up, he was told he had gone to the wrong house. The residents were well-known Democrats, Thune was told.

When he told the story Wednesday during a stop in Wagner, Thune laughed at the mix-up. He also pointed out the homes, which are near the Wagner Community Memorial Hospital.

I didn’t stop at the homes to get comments, nor to find out if the residents have erected a plaque and are telling family and friends of the time John Thune stopped there.